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  1. si_yidarmy

    2010-2020 Spurs team of the decade

    On our Whatsapp Spurs Group we took about an hour debating back and fourth about some players and chopping and changing players in and out. What is your favourite Spurs 2010-2020 team - first 11 and also who would you have as the 7 substitutes? I had some arguments about Kane and Dawson they...
  2. si_yidarmy

    Something I will never forget!

    Two weeks ago the company I work for provided me a ticket for the game last night. I booked a ferry as flights were silly. I could not believe it! Left at 3am and after a visit to our HQ in Amsterdam, I drove to the stadium. Within a few minutes of sitting down, I realised I was amongst a lot...
  3. si_yidarmy

    Bill Nicholson Statue

    Hello Upon watching a recent Chris Cowlin stadium update, I noticed a comment from someone regarding that there is no statue of Bill Nicholson for the new stadium (as far as I am aware also). In conclusion, I wanted to create a petition to push for this...
  4. si_yidarmy

    Wembley for first Home game?

    Is this actually true?
  5. si_yidarmy

    I just found out about StubHub

    So I wrote this to several Tottenham emails on the website... To whom this may concern, I have been a member of Tottenham Hotspur since 1999 of which I now pay £45 a year for the privilege. Every game I went to I saw ticket touts outside the ground selling match tickets for double+ the face...
  6. si_yidarmy

    The Spurs Drum

    I woke up this morning and I thought about how poor the atmosphere is recently compared to previous years. I don't know if it is performance related, or pricing makes people already annoyed and quiet. WHL used to be one of the loudest, and I would always go home with ringing in my ears. I cam...
  7. si_yidarmy

    03/04/2012 the table looked like this...
  8. si_yidarmy

    New stadium Haringley Pic
  9. si_yidarmy

    Can we get a song to this tune?

    Basically you could hear the red bull fans singing it. Apparently in south America this is all you hear most of the time in football,matches....
  10. si_yidarmy

    Vertonghen Facebook

    Just changed his status to "Spurs!!!"
  11. si_yidarmy

    Thank you SC

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Spurs Community, to the people who run it, right down to all of us that post on it. I have been on this site a number of years as I know many of you have, and perhaps even longer. It came to my mind last night how amazing it is that one place and...
  12. si_yidarmy

    Great blog on recent occurrences MAssive section on AVB and other things involving takeovers, ins and outs and stadium etc. Take a look and discuss
  13. si_yidarmy

    3 reasons why a takeover is edging to reality Enjoy!
  14. si_yidarmy

    We need to do this for SC

    Can we please organise doing this. I picked up on this new game at a Social MEdia conference as part of my work.
  15. si_yidarmy

    The jokes are reeling in

    Harry Redknapp will pocket around £3m compensation for being sacked... Which after Tax is around £3m What else can you do in mad times like this, lol
  16. si_yidarmy

    This reminds me of the Alan Sugar era...

    Tight wallets. While we Pay £70 a game for a ticket.... we get Pineear, Friedel in return.
  17. si_yidarmy

    The sad stance football presents currently

    I feel, it is becoming very tedious and boring to see all these wonderful players signing long term contracts or promising commitment and loyalty, then wiping all that out and wanting to move within a year or two. I understand, why he (modric) would go, of course, and i feel more so angry...
  18. si_yidarmy

    The Youth of today

    Hey guys, hope you are all well. I just wanted to get everyones thoughts on our younger players that we have. (excluding bale!) The brief emmergence oof Danny Rose has been great, and still lots to look forward too, We have many many players out on loan for different positions! One in...
  19. si_yidarmy

    Olympic Stadium Saga

    Sorry guys, i dont understand the legal battle thing thats going on at the moment. Espcially as Orient have joined in now? Does this benefit us in anyway? Mometry of stadium wise?
  20. si_yidarmy

    Roll Call for Spurs Complaint email bombardment

    Sorry but after today this has to be done... There are hundreds of different websites selling Spurs v Ac milan tickets for ridiculous prices. I thought touting was illeagal (if so why is there not much more being donw about it) and i thought this email and membership card thing was...