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  1. MattPhilpott

    The Spurs Transfer Wishlist & Scouting Thread

    Apparently looking at Dries Mertens on a free in the summer?? World Class player no doubt, but with his age, maybe a little late to adapt to the prem? That being said, players of his quality don’t come around often for nothing, on a 1-2 year deal could be a phenomenal bit of business!
  2. MattPhilpott

    The Spurs Transfer Wishlist & Scouting Thread

    Mental that Poch never seemed to have rated Tielemans...turning into a class act in that Leicester side, out our reach now!
  3. MattPhilpott

    Jack Roles - Cambridge United

    3 goals in 9 matches now, sounding unplayable on his day according to the fans, looking like a really nice little spell! If he can keep it up, there’s no reason why he can’t notch 10+ goals and 5+ assists this season, which gives the staff something to think about! Maybe a championship loan...
  4. MattPhilpott

    Match Threads Colchester vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Style of play and performances now are the worst they’ve been in 6 years, as bad as AVB-ball..just as boring, predictable and fucking sideways. I don’t think Mourinho is the answer sadly...But Allegri, Ten Hag and Simeone would all be great options.... Interesting to see Xavi say he wants to...
  5. MattPhilpott

    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    Does anyone know about this 14 year old Nigerian we have allegedly signed? Temidire Emmanuel Okuwa Is his name. Been at West Ham the last 9 years and apparently trained with us and Chelsea before signing for us? Just had no idea if this was true or not, and if so, if anyone knows much about...
  6. MattPhilpott

    New Kit 19/20

    Lovely design on the Third Kit Training Wear, think we’ve got some of the best gear around! Interesting concept on prematch shirt...better than that god awful one we wear in the league!
  7. MattPhilpott

    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    Hopefully he can have a nice productive year and boost his price... Still only 21, but with Tanganga and Eyoma, Foyth too, it’s really hard to see where CCV fits into the future picture. Always seemed to have the potential physically but lacks a certain something. I might be proven wrong and...
  8. MattPhilpott

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    It looks as though Eriksen stays, which is not my preferred option. But he has shot himself in the foot now, holding out for a massive move and burning his bridges with the club who gave him the platform to grow, to thrive and to win the biggest trophy in world football, in which he personally...
  9. MattPhilpott

    Player Watch: Kieran Trippier

    I know it has been poo pooed, but I cannot seriously believe we aren’t considering Dani Alves on a 1 year deal...guy is the most successful and decorated footballer in history, and is a proven winner. If he isn’t a good guy to have around the team I don’t know who is. Foyth, KWP, Steve Sess can...
  10. MattPhilpott

    William Saliba signs for Arsenal

    On the contrary to be fair, I think if Toby is gonna run down the last year of his contract here, I would use him more to nurture and mentor the young CB, whether that be Foyth or Saliba or someone else, whilst Dav and Verts start together I think we spent an awful lot of money on Sanchez...
  11. MattPhilpott

    Joachim Andersen

    Shitty time to be an Arse fan...getting a €25m target in your most required area pipped from the French league... I know Lyon are an established side in France and the CL, but the league is so poor domestically in comparison to the PL... Ah well....FOYG
  12. MattPhilpott

    Player watch: Oliver Skipp

    Personally, I would love to see Skipp spend a season on loan somewhere where he will play 35 games or more. I think he is a special talent, but just needs the match experience at senior level! A season under Bielsa at Leeds I think could be amazing for him...
  13. MattPhilpott

    Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    In theory yes, Ryan is currently more developed as he got his shot at LB (natural shortage/injury to Left sided players) whilst Steven is still awaiting his bigger break... It was widely considered at youth level that Steven was in fact the more talented one apparently...
  14. MattPhilpott

    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    I reckon this one requires GLC and his people to push this one in the right direction to get this over the line... Especially with signing TN, the need is lessened and further still If Ceballos happens too! If GLC comes I imagine it’s bye bye to Eriksen, as Ceballos will be in as well... I’m...
  15. MattPhilpott

    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    I think a lot of people think that with Erik Lamela it is a barrage of injuries, personal issues, inconsistency, unfulfilled potential and silly fouls/bookings... If you squint hard enough though and look past all of that there is a player who gives everything for the white of Tottenham Hotspur...
  16. MattPhilpott

    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    I think £3m-£4m is too low, look at Liverpool selling Solanke for £17m, asking for over £10m for the likes of Camacho, Wilson and Kent, selling Ibe for £15m. Chelsea too! A player of his potential, homegrown, now with a full season of professional senior football in this current market is...
  17. MattPhilpott

    Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    Seen a few posts floating around about us being interested in Thomas Strakosha at Lazio as a long term replacement for Lloris? Could be a good option, by all accounts he is just under that class level and has been very impressive! Would be available for around €25m apparently, would happily...
  18. MattPhilpott

    New Kit 19/20

    That black concept is beautiful.
  19. MattPhilpott

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 9th June 2019

    Thank you as always Trix for the info (and all the other ITK’s that make the off-season bareable for us all! Good to see that we are trying to do business early, nothing we haven’t heard before, but always encouraging, my only problem lies here... We have/are: - A brand new stadium, widely...
  20. MattPhilpott

    Julian Draxler

    Talking about offering €30m for him as P$G need to raise the money for FFP by the end of the month so I think there is a bit of a fire sale... I think Draxler at Schalke was class, maybe not as much at Wolfsburg, but clearly good enough to get a move to Paris! I have been impressed with him...