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  1. rez9000

    What Do You Call It?

    I've been thinking about the new stadium a fair bit recently. In among my reflections, what I came to realise is that I never think of the new stadium as White Hart Lane. I sometimes call it the THS or the Spurs Stadium, sometimes New White Hart Lane, but never just the unqualified "White Hart...
  2. rez9000

    Poch: In or Out? - You CAN change your vote

    Hope I'm not breaking any rules with this thread... Straw poll - very simple, just to gauge the mood on SC - Time up for Poch or keep the faith? I've left the option to change your vote and will post the ratings as they stand on any given day so we can see how the mood changes. Away you go.
  3. rez9000

    Which Spurs Side Would You Play In?

    If it were possible, like if an amazing virtual reality universe could be constructed, which trophy-winning Spurs side would you choose to play in? The 1961 Double winning side. Playing under Billy Nick alongside Blanchflower, McKay and White? The 1972 UEFA winning side, with Gilly, Chivers...
  4. rez9000

    The Tyrants Buying Football

    So, further to the discussion that started in the 'What our opponents fans are saying about us' thread regarding Man City, I thought I'd set something up here to avoid that thread from getting clogged with off-subject matter (and to try and contain what seems to be a major battle brewing sending...
  5. rez9000

    What a club!

    I want to recount my recent experience with the club. So, I went to the Palace game. I was thrilled to be able to get a ticket, even though it was bloody expensive. The ticket was a premium seat, so I got a free programme as part of the package. So, I wandered about the concourse prior to the...
  6. rez9000

    The Great Game: Iran v USA

    For those who may have missed it, there was a great programme on BBC2 on Thursday night, The Great Game: Iran v USA (link below). It’s about the France 98 game between Iran and the USA, obviously (which Iran won, by the way :) ). For those who don’t know much about it, the diplomatic situation...
  7. rez9000

    So, you got what you wanted...

    You know who you are: You got everything you wanted: AVB gone, fast pace, open play, Adebayor in and two up front. Are you happy NOW? What next? Burn down the Lane? Sack all the players? Maybe next time you'll THINK before opening your mouths at least!
  8. rez9000

    Football Focus - WTF???

    Did I miss it or were we completely missing from Football Focus today?
  9. rez9000

    Mastermind Tonight

    For anyone who caught Mastermind tonight, the winner is a Spurs fan, hence his choice of Terry Venables as his specialist subject.
  10. rez9000

    Read this and understand (you know who you are) With the kind permission of Ewan Roberts who I tweeted this morning to ask if he would agree to my putting this on here for you all to read. Those of you who should have got a grip long before now may particularly benefit: Many people have said that all...
  11. rez9000

    Club Ownership 101

    Welcome to Club Ownership 101. In this three-minute course (unless you can read at above a six-year old level) you will learn all you need to know about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club ownership. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is made up of shares. If a person or a company has more than...
  12. rez9000

    Harry Kane loaned to Norwich

  13. rez9000

    Muamba Retires...

    Fabrice Muamba has announced his retirement. I know it's not technically Spurs news, but it did happen at White Hart Lane, so I thought we could let it in on a 'bye'. Anyway, thankfully he's alive, but a shame that his career has ended.
  14. rez9000

    A smack in the face desperately needs dishing out

    I'm getting heartily sick of know-nothing morons spouting off about our club in the press! The latest is Igor Stimac having a pop at Daniel Levy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a blind devotee of Daniel Levy. I think he's done a bang up job as our chairman and I wouldn't swap him for any...
  15. rez9000

    Happy 60th Ossie!

    Just a little thread to celebrate the fact that our diminutive Argentine Legend of the Lane turns 60 today. And the song that was all about Ossie: Happy Birthday Ossie!
  16. rez9000

    It's happened again!

    At the ripe old age of 34, I didn't think it could happen to me any more, but it has. First there was Jurgen. Then Gin. Then Ledders. And now AVB. Which of you fine gentlemen will join me in declaring our collective mancrush on our gingery new coach?
  17. rez9000

    Robin Van Persie I'm desperately trying to figure out exactly how someone could type/write that RVP is rumoured to come to Spurs. The key area of confusion for me is how someone could continue to type while the men in white coats were trying to put their...
  18. rez9000

    Did We Get Rid of Clive Allen?

    Just saw a Mail article that said that Spurs sacked Clive Allen as well as Redknapp, Joe Jordan and Kevin Bond. Is this true?
  19. rez9000

    Interesting Video

    Back in 1982, the BBC show Sportsnight did an homage to Spurs, celebrating their centenary. Many will no doubt have seen it, but if you go to and go to their Film/TV section, towards the bottom you can watch the piece. It features Bill Nicholson, Keith Burkinshaw...
  20. rez9000

    Tottenham Hotspur's Newest Member...

    Say hello to Noah George Vennard, my best friend's new edition. He may not be the absolute newest member, cause it's been a couple of weeks since I bought his membership - one day after his birthday - but he's still pretty new. Anyway, here's to another member of the faithful, even if he...