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  1. sbrustad

    [Update 331] Jjetset on Bale fee

    Who: Jjetset Where: Twitter When: August 23rd The original JJetset ‏@jetsetyid Protected account4m RM not budging on Bale fee! Hope this ends badly(for them)!
  2. sbrustad

    [Update 307] Akqayid on Lloris and "Blue and Yellow"

    A series of late night tweet from Akqayid starting off with one (presumably) about Adebayor akqayid ‏@akqayid @SpursOfficial Do you want to put it on the site now?@underarmouruk wanna print my shirt.....#thisisthebestteamheseverplayedfor ..then tweeting this to Hugo Lloris; akqayid...