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  1. alamo

    Spurs trivia question thread

    Hey all. We have a variety of threads across the board for quizzes and the like but nothing on Spurs trivia. So, here is one. :) Simple rules. A random question is posed and the person who answers successfully posts up the next one. To get us started (and hopefully not too obscure!): "Which...
  2. alamo

    the prediction thread

    Simples. Just fill in the following, pos rep to the closest: Spurs vs Palace HT Score : FT Score : MOTM :
  3. alamo

    plenty of positives

    Well, my last (admittedly rather daft) poll went down like a lead balloon so hopefully this one will be a little more well received. Great result yesterday, and the kind of performance we have been craving. So, what did you enjoy the most? Vote away or feel free to suggest alternatives......
  4. alamo

    Half rant/Half serious : winter kit wimps

    One thing that particularly caught my attention yesterday, now that our glorious British temperatures are on their winter decline, is that many of our players have started garbing themselves in their usual winter accessories. The individual (among others) that particularly caught my attention...
  5. alamo

    Is it safe to post on here yet?

    Far too much rage going on but anyhow, bit of a samey poll but hey-ho hopefully it can distract from some of the venting. I vote not too bad............ (all thing considered)
  6. alamo

    Cardiff 0 Spurs 1 - Full match video

    EDIT: deleted, sorry. My bad.
  7. alamo

    The possession game

    Well, according to BBC we again dominated possession. Against a spirited home side n'all. 63% - 37% 29 shots (12 on target) - 6 shots (0 on target) I only just got home and didn't have the pleasure of seeing the game or listening to it but fook me AVB really does seem to be implementing his...
  8. alamo

    Record points haul

    As gutted as the next person we didn't make the CL this year. But you know what? Fucking well done Spurs. We have accumulated a tremendous points tally and done ourselves proud in the process. Excellent first year for AVB and I truly see us going from strength to strength. And hey, we will...
  9. alamo

    Stoke v Spurs - 2-1 : highlights video

    We used to have a regular highlights thread I'm sure. Anyways, apologies for the dodgy French commentary. If anyone can find any better highlights please add the link and I can edit this initial post.
  10. alamo

    positive thinking

    We still have everything to play for. Chin up lads.
  11. alamo

    Europa: will we or won't we?

    Hell of a lot of good sides went out in the last round but there are still some tough ol' teams still in there. Still, we have scraped and scrambled ourselves into the last 16 despite some relatively abject performances. So. Can we go all the way? Answers on a postcard. (Or just in this poll...
  12. alamo

    Spurs 50 greatest players video

    Been a while since I last posted this so thought I would do so again for those that haven't seen it before. Excellent video with good interviews, great highlights and rare footage. Can't recommend it enough. :)
  13. alamo

    we just.....

    ........ dished out a 3-0 whipping. FUCK YEAH ......... moved into 4th FUCK YEAH love it
  14. alamo

    Jamie Redknapp: Arsenal v Spurs

    Relatively positive from Redknapp junior. Glad to see he isn't bitter. Not to mention he has got it spot on regarding the playing philosophy having taken a lead:,,11675_8250274,00.html Tottenham travel to Arsenal for Saturday's North London derby and...
  15. alamo

    JD or CD?

    0-0.... 75 minutes gone..... Ade is knackered from smiling too much. Who would you bring on?
  16. alamo


    Don't you just love this site? Come on all of you..... donate. Just a pound or two will help keep this place the entertaining place it is
  17. alamo


    No devoted thread yet? Can't believe we are willing to let him go. To hell with business sense, I bloody love Rafa :cry:
  18. alamo

    Squad rotation

    Ok, I've been reading a lot over the last few weeks regarding Harry, his inept squad rotation policy and the resultant tiredness of players. And after today, given Charlies assessment of out current plight, I was intrigued enough to do a little bit of detective work to try and gauge quite how...
  19. alamo

    Your opinion of this transfer window

    Vote away
  20. alamo

    Adebayor & Parker - Detailed Analysis

    Quite long but makes for a good read and it's a Friday after all. Particularly interesting are the comparisons of Ade and Parker to other Spurs players in their respective positions. I'll see if I can copy in the article with all of the chalkboards but you may need to follow the link...