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  1. lillywhite

    Top scorers!

    Don't know if this has been mentioned somewhere else, but the fact is - we're the joint top scorers of the Champions League!! As it stands: Tottenham - 15 goals Arsenal - 15 Valencia - 14 Chelsea - 14 B Munich - 13 Barcelona - 12 Inter - 12 Real Madrid - 11 (When I started writing this...
  2. lillywhite

    Robbie Savage

  3. lillywhite

    Highlights from Old Trafford

    Found them here:
  4. lillywhite

    Rory Delaps long throws

    I'm working for swedish TV with statistics in Premier League and made some research regarding the amount of time that Rory Delap needs to prepare to throw those freaky throw-ins. In the match Stoke-Aston Villa Rory threw 19 throw-ins. The average time / throw-in was 0.26 seconds (the longest...
  5. lillywhite

    Last Spurs-goalie to save a penalty?

    Before today, I can't recall the last time one of our keepers actually saved a penalty... help me out! I remember never being confident with Paul Robinson and penalty kicks, but maybe I'm mistaken?
  6. lillywhite

    Maybe not worth to make a fuzz about...

    ...but I'm still puzzled about that thats-not-a-corner-thats-a-throw-in-decision! Ok, we won, the incident didn't cost us the game, but in terms of weirdness - I hold that decision as unexplainable and weird as Pedro Mendes "goal" at OT, or Graham Polls tripple-booking in the World Cup! How...
  7. lillywhite

    Woody's celebration...

    What the fuck was all that about?
  8. lillywhite

    Some things never change...

    From Mr. Wenger after the game: "The first yellow card was very harsh and the second I didn't see at all. "If he deserved a yellow we'll see on video."
  9. lillywhite

    Road to White Hart Lane?

    Hi! I'm travelling from Sweden to England tomorrow, and I'm wondering about the easiest way to get to White Hart Lane for tours etc? I think we're staying quite near Oxford Street.