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  1. lillywhites61

    I F@&?in Love Spurs Right Now!!

    I love everything about this team right now, I actually sat there thinking today at 1-1, we have to get a winner so we will be in the race for the title, like actually seriously thinking it!! all season I have kept it inside as like all spurs fans I know only too well what it's like to be a...
  2. lillywhites61

    Missing Dembele

    Apart from the obvious lack of desire that seemed to be shown yesterday, especially in the second half I think we missed Dembele hugely! There didn't seem to be the usual control we have in the middle of the park and in fact we were bypassing the midfield an awful lot with long balls. I think...
  3. lillywhites61

    Pirates of the Crapy te-am!

    Enough Said!
  4. lillywhites61

    Cut Off

    So what do we reckon the cut off will be this time round?
  5. lillywhites61

    Martin "cyclops" Keown

    Watching Shrek!! It's uncanny!!
  6. lillywhites61

    Poch reaction after last nights game

    So yesterday Poch reaction to the result I think was brilliant, obviously happy with the result but really not happy with the defending which was pretty poor and lacklustre a lot of the game. It's good to see that he won't seem to rest on his laurels on a good result if there are other...
  7. lillywhites61

    Fresh starts

    Here goes (sharp intake of breath!) I have supported Daniel Levy and Enic since they arrived, I supported them through almost all of their decisions including the dismissal of Harry Rednapp. I bought into the project with AVB and also can see why he was dismissed as well, although none of us...
  8. lillywhites61

    Two years on the trot

    Seriously two years on the fackin trot!!! This is gonna be a turning point for us this year, that team had passion, fight, showed some spark again, I felt that glow of pride again that had been missing for a while! United two years in a row at old Trafford! Ha, how many teams have done that in...
  9. lillywhites61


    I have been getting stick about Bale left right and centre, and I am sad he may be moving on but! We have got some eay signings in and they are bloody good ones! With more to follow possibly. With Bale we have a really good squad, without him and one or two more from his money we still have a...
  10. lillywhites61

    Tapping Up

    So according to recent itk we are seriously concidering take action against Real and PSG for their recent activities. Are we just as bad at times, so is it a little hypercritical or is it in our case normally the media who drive the stories? I certainly don't remember having so many players...
  11. lillywhites61

    Next Brighton Manager

    For once I have some sort of itk, told by someone in his family, may be a load of rubbish but I have been told it will be our very own Mr Hoddle If it comes true can see it being a very good appointment.
  12. lillywhites61

    Munich for the Treble?

    Anyone watching this one, could be the end to an amazing season for Bayern.
  13. lillywhites61

    Believe him or Not?

    AVB, he just said no to us signing any more players, do you believe him or not? He looked like he was doing what he has been told to, and say nothing to me.
  14. lillywhites61

    Aston Villa

    Watching the semi final, I see a team absolutely void of ideas. They look like a team beaten and I don't see them bearing the drop at the moment, there are other teams with far more fight, what a massive team to drop if they do. An amazing fall from grace over the past few years.
  15. lillywhites61

    K Naughton

    Aside from Lennon I thought he was our best player against Sunderland, if Benni comes back into the side this ir next week I really want to see him playing at right back. He is far better defensively than Walker at the moment, and he deserves to stay in the team for me over the two of them...
  16. lillywhites61

    Mr D Levy

    I have just served Daniel Levy an his family lunch, just wanted to share cause I am very excited by it:) he was very chilled, before anyone asks I didn't get any photos or hassle him as he was with his wife and kids. Nice guy, seemed very down to earth
  17. lillywhites61

    Spurs survival

    My Missus just asked me if I would want spurs to survive, but the only way would be if Chelsea had come to our rescue, so basically without their handout we would have gone from exsistence. My answer was I would rather us go and start again, I couldn't stomach even the thought of them having...
  18. lillywhites61

    Kyle Walker

    A much better performance yesterday, deserves a little credit after all the negativity recently. Good clearance off the line and also some good closing down at times as well. Hopefully has turned a corner
  19. lillywhites61


    Nothing particularly interesting but my mate bumped into JV in welcome break after the arsenal game, had a quick chat with him, said he was really annoyed with how the game turned out, was annoyed with Ade but he had apologised to everyone. Not a lot else really but when told he was the best...
  20. lillywhites61

    Second Team?

    When you was growing up did you have second team and why? Mine in England was Watford cause it was my nans team, and growing up I followed marseille, Milan and Ajax mainly due to the amazing football they played.