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    The England Thread

    The stupidity is that this CM pair are meant to be boring but solid. They have been liquid and gas
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    The England Thread

    The England RB looks better than ours.
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    The England Thread

    Poor sancho, gone from. Reus and Gotze to this shite. Makes me happy about the Utd links..McTommany strangling his service
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    The England Thread

    Agree. Due to his skill set he could be one of those who's not dropped despite form due to his skill set. Which strangely is more suited to Europe or international games than the prem. Hence why Henderson (read lampard, Gerrard) can look like jesus and then get schooled by Pirlo (modric, or any...
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    The England Thread

    Does make me think about what Danny has said or done to be on his way out. Clearly not rubbish.
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    The England Thread

    Picking players on form eh... Keane is shit and in the bottom 3 with Everton and while Rose can hold his head high, spurs haven't been great at the back...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Manager over players for me. Shake the team up, even if we don't offload them in Jan we can bring people in and put the rebels in youth teams.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Bayern Munich

    I find this spot on. a centre mid needs to either transition the ball forward, control the play, shield the back four and hopefully a mixture of all. Sadly sissoko doesn't do any of those well enough (despite effort) which leads to a lot of energy without purpose. Especially in a two man CM...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Bayern Munich - Match Thread

    no idea if that's right or not. I can see sissoko helping Aurier out...but don't love this two up top thing as it means no width. Although doesn't look like dele usually floats.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Bayern Munich - Match Thread

    COYS. i'm expecting to see Kane prove his 'best no.9 in the world' credentials., and hopefully Son running at them like a man possessed.
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    Team v Bayern

    annoyingly i think we'll see the same failings that have annoyed us all season in that the midfield neither truely protects nor truely transitions. therefore believe we'll see Winks and Sissoko there. i would like to see either a three (Winks, Dier, NDom). or a two, with Dier being in there to...
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    Match Threads Leicester vs Spurs - Match Thread

    In theory we are a level above these types of teams and a year or so ago you would have said turn up, boss it and walk away with three points. I hope poch heeds the recent warning sides and plays a midfield that won't get overwhelmed and can break up play, I would love to see dier in there or...
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    Team v. Palace (Sept 14)

    i feel games like this are where winks keeps you ticking, but i fee we need to revent to big broozing Dier/Wanyama + Dembele style 'we own the ball' type games. NDOM is a must, but what i really want from dier is when he slotted between the CBs to make a back 3, which pushed the Wingbacks...
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    Match Threads Arsenal vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Lamela is coming off at somepoint so I hope he shows some skills prior. Just can't have him (and his role) on a yellow. The fuck aroundary at the back has to stop. I have no issues with the longballs to son or the wing today. And winks needs to man up a little.
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    Match Threads Arsenal vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Stop fucking around with ut
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    Match Threads Arsenal vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Great news is we can change it up. No complaints but wana see lucas running at them at somepoint. Lamela feels like he's in there for grit over skill, hope he brings both
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    Match Threads Arsenal vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Off to the old st sports bar. Look forward to the highs lows and drunk typing with you fine people
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    Style of play

    Feels like last season hasn't ended and we're still limping over the line.
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Loan helps us meet our revolving credit facility terms early, which does saves us cash, and makes us look better to potential investors.
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Hope it's like the mata from Chelsea transfer where he goes on to filter out and achieve nothing.