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  1. XSuicideBunnyX

    Which player has improved the most under Pochettino?

    Quite true, we've been saying for years, "Oh, it's a young squad, we'll be good in 3 or 4 years..." And it's actually happened, which is pretty rare. Even if it is "natural" development, the players still need to put the work in to reap the benefits, which can be put down to Pochettino, and his...
  2. XSuicideBunnyX

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 1st February 2016 THE FINAL DAY!

    Even though we didn't get anyone, I'm pretty confident we'll be able to get one of Berahino or Dembélé mk2 in the next window - the ITKs seemed pretty confident Moussa especially. I personally think that Chadli, Son and Clinton can handle filling in at striker, and we might as well take Chadli's...
  3. XSuicideBunnyX

    Norwich Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    I can only imagine what they'll do if we end up in 1st at some point: "...there are Premier League games today. That is all."
  4. XSuicideBunnyX

    Top four finish?

    Good point. You'll find that you'll always get a chance with our defense too. And recently every team we play seems to take that one chance, but it's a good sign that our opponents get so little looks at our goal. I still think De Gea has been great this season - it's not his fault his defence...
  5. XSuicideBunnyX

    Top four finish?

    That's a slightly optimistic assessment. And here's why: I think Arsenal's defence of Koscielny, Mertesacker, Bellerin and Monreal is just as good as ours, and City's too once Kompany comes back. Honestly, De Gea and Cech really give Lloris a run for his money on this. I think De Gea is the...
  6. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Man City: Match Thread

    Guys, as someone who has studied special relativity extensively, I can tell you why our goal should stand. see, when an object approaches the speed of light (like Walker often does), to the perspective of a bystander that object begins to lengthen. So to the linesman, Walker looked horribly...
  7. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Crystal Palace: Match Thread

    Although Walker messed up the pass, he did well to stay composed in front of that guy taking the piss with the rolls and flicks, and took the ball extremely cleanly whilst giving him no room to cross. It's been a good half for him apart from a stray pass that through the ball bouncing in...
  8. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Qarabag FK: Match Thread

    Another piece of evidence that the Soldado curse has now been transferred to Lamela.
  9. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Qarabag FK: Match Thread

    Nothing against Trippier, but I'm glad he's played tonight so people can stop claiming he's the saviour of the right back position, that he'll fix all of our team's problems and eradicate world poverty. He's just a normal right-back, and whilst people rag on Walker non-stop when he plays, it's...
  10. XSuicideBunnyX

    Adopt a player..

    Poor Kyle would get locked in the cupboard under the stairs in that case! Although, that could be the perfect way for him to discover his secret magical talents that we all know he's harbouring. :cautious:
  11. XSuicideBunnyX

    Adopt a player..

    I'll take Kyle Walker - SC's currently most despised player in the current XI. I also said he'd make a great captain in the future a couple of years back too so I have a track record of crazily defending him on here too. :confused::rolleyes:
  12. XSuicideBunnyX

    Leicester Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    With the heat, this game is going to really open up in the last 10 minutes. I hope that walking around for all of the first half means we can come out firing all second half! :rolleyes:
  13. XSuicideBunnyX

    Leicester Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Lecister are sitting extremely deep at the moment with one bank of five in the box and another just outside, and the way we're currently trying to play through it is Barca-style quick passing. Unfortunately, we aren't as good as Barcelona. So, since all of our attacking 4 are around 6 foot-ish...
  14. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Stoke: Match Thread

    Great ball by Kane, but that touch on the head from Davies was like in FIFA where they gain 99 pace and strength, simply unbelievable. :love: Much like Eriksen in his early chance vs Utd last week.
  15. XSuicideBunnyX

    Tottenham Vs Stoke: Match Thread

    Quick reminder that this team with a poor Bentaleb in place of Mason bossed Man Utd at Old Trafford for 20 minutes (before a mistake from the guy not playing today blew it up, of course). Stoke is like Man Utd in that they're putting in a few new guys, and their new guys are much worse than...
  16. XSuicideBunnyX

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 28th July 2015

    I think I heard that during the closed door friendlies against Reading and Southend, Dier also played some CM too. I never saw him as a great dribbler or passer, but I will say he's definitely composed enough to play in the midfield. Plus, if the coaching staff think he's worth playing there...
  17. XSuicideBunnyX

    World Cup Qualifiers 2018

    I'm pleased with Scotland's draw - Slovakia and Slovenia should be the only challenge there. :p
  18. XSuicideBunnyX

    Benjamin Stambouli signs for PSG

    We've also got Toby who can play in the midfield during dire straits. (y) And actually before we had him, I saw Stambouli as our sort-of last-ditch CB/DM. Now we have someone who fits that bill in Toby, so I can see why Stambouli's services may no longer be as required.
  19. XSuicideBunnyX

    Morgan Schneiderlin Signs For United

    You don't have to worry about Kramer joining Roma - they're too busy trying to get full rights to Nainggolan who's been amazing this last year (dare I say better than both Schneiders and Kramer! :eek:) I can definitely see Kramer staying at Leverkusen, however.
  20. XSuicideBunnyX

    Morgan Schneiderlin Signs For United

    As much as I'd like us to sign Kramer, I think that just because he'd be our second choice I doubt a deal for him - the guy who was loaned to a club finishing in CL places and has gone back to a club in CL places - would be any simpler than a deal for Schneiderlin. I agree with you on one...