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    The Football League 19/20

    Discussion on the lower two leagues, as the season progresses. League One, with the likes of Coventry, Sunderland, Bolton, Ipswich and Wimbledon... has the air of an early 90s Premier league. League Two, however, is going to be brutal this season. Scunny are in for a hard slog.
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    Rubbish football appreciation thread

    A thread for all things celebrating the unpolished beauty of "proper" football:
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    Barmby and (Andy Dawson) at Scunny

    Nicky Barmby has joined Michael's older brother Andy Dawson at troubled S****horpe (yes, yes) United. Another link of many between these two clubs.
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    Amazon to air 20 PL matches in new TV deal...

    Well... I already have Amazon Prime, so this is kinda nice for me, but the PL split between 3 different providers now? Expensive. What happened to Sky's streaming service?
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    Neville Southall in the Guardian... a good read.

    Cracking interview/tirade from Neville Southall in the Guardian yesterday:
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    Winter Olympics 2018 - PyeongChang

    Kicks off in a couple of hours. Think I enjoy the winter olympics more than the summer ones. Will have my eye on Snowboarding, Skiing, Bobsled and Ice Hockey.
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    Gary Doherty: cult hero

    Couldn't find a relevant thread, so here we are. A fun little article about our very own ginger Pele... Conjours images of our dimmest days, and serve as a reminder as to how far we have come...
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    The White Hart Lane photo thread

    This is our last season at the Lane, before we rebuild the old gaff. Post your own photo's of the ground in here, and let's build up a collection of fan memories before it's gone for good:
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    F365: Portrait on an Icon... Paul Gascoigne

    The rather excellent F365 run a regular article called "Portrait of an Icon", which looks back on the career of some the greatest footballers to play the game. This week it's our very own Gazza: After Hoddle captured my...
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    Growing up supporting Tottenham (article)

    I'm just going to leave this here, for all of you feeling flat this morning:
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    RIP Carlos Ablerto

    Legendary Brazil captain, and scorer of arguably the finest goal ever, Carlos Alberto, has died: He was 72, and suffered a heart attack RIP
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    Charlton Athletic

    Now I know most of us will care little about a club from SE London. But a friend of mine is a season ticket holder at the Valley of the last 20 years, and he and the fans have been getting shafted by Roland Duchatelet and his crony Katrien Meire for a few seasons now. There's plenty in the press...
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    Anderlecht tickets via online ticket store

    Anyone else having a problem getting the ticket store to work on the OS for this game? Everytime I login, regardless of platform, the seating plan won't load and make a booking. Is it just me?
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    So, what's happening with Benoit?

    Uhhh... right.
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    Home match days: Travel heads up

    Apologies if already posted, but was handed a leaflet at Oxford Street tube station this morning, which basically reads: So if you're like me and prefer to go to Tottenham Hale for a cheap pint at the Volunteer, or you get the...
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    Andros Townsend recalled to England...

    So off the back of a couple of minor cup games, Andros is back in the England squad: Rose's fleeting England career seems over before it begins, seeing as Roy has named only 6 defenders?!
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    Tottenham could play home games at Ipswich or Brighton

    Haven't seen this on SC anywhere yet... thoughts? Bit of a hike. Sounds unlikely to me.
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    Around the grounds... London edition

    Chaps and Chapette's... a mate and I, being not indigenous to the city, are trying to do a tour of the footy grounds within the M25. Thought it'd be good to have a thread with people's thoughts on other clubs grounds, where best to sit, pre-match pubs/eats etc... For example, we're going to try...
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    Extreme Cross Bar challenge

    Just seen this, apols if been posted before:
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    Spurs pubs in central london for NLD

    Apologies if there's been a million threads on this; the only one I could find in search was about pubs in Camden. Basically I'd like to find a pub thats mostly Spurs friendly in a central location. My mates are a bit scattered about the capital and it'd be easier to meet up in central. Cheers!