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    ST Prices have been Frozen... We recognise the tremendous support we receive throughout the season both home and away and in all competitions and are determined to ensure that prices reflect appropriate pricing levels and the current...
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    New Zealand v England Test Cricket

    Pretty even after the first day...
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    Joe Jordan and Clive Allen at Millwall/Brighton last night

    These two were in the Executive Lounge last night at the game, according to a Millwall STH in my office. He reckons they could have been looking at Noone, played on the right wing, left footed for Brighton. Either that or Mickail-Smith? Described as a 'tricky little ****' by my colleague...
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    England v Sri Lanka Test Series

    Rain in the air no doubt. Win the toss, bowl. Get them all out before Tea. Simple.
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    Team vs FC Twente

    So effin' angry after today I need to focus on something else. What's your team for Wednesday? ...........Gomes (must be fucking fit by then) Corluka...King...Gallas....BAE VdV.....Modric....Hudd....Bale .........Keane.....Crouch EDIT: Ok so maybe it wont be Gallas, torn groin muscle in...
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    Peter Crouch

    Ok. A lot of people on SC (myself included...) had to eat a serious amount of humble pie when Pav went on his scoring spree. We had a thread 600 replies long about how he was 'Super' etc etc. Now, it's the turn of the Crouch 'haters', suck it up and post your love for the big man! He was...
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    Cafe Car Pub Wem-ber-LEY Pub Kebab Living Room Sofa Sleep That is all. Who's in?
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    An alternative view to yesterdays game

    Ok, so I'm sat here on a Sunday without the usual "Has Harry lost it?", "Are we really that good?", "Pav is the bollocks", "Thrown it away again" type of threads, and have enjoyed reading a lot of people's views on the game yesterday. I'm a season ticket holder, but due to holiday and work...
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    Places to watch Spurs in Northampton

    I can't make the Lane tomorrow as I'm in Northampton with work all week, does anyone know any good beer shops that show football and are generally accepting of Spurs fans? I'm fucked off at not being able to go so places that don't allow scumbags would be my preferred choice. Any...
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    Harry worried about Wilson for the weekend.....

    Just seen an interview on Sky Sports with Harry who confirmed that Woody played in a practice match yesterday and Ledley also played 40 mins which he is obviously well pleased with. Slightly worrying though was that he mentioned he isn't sure what to do about Wilson who plays on Thursday...