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  1. Joshua

    Injury Updates

    You could forgive the injuries some what when we had such an aggressive style of play. You could see the risk and reward of pushing players in training. But when our play has been so laboured recently and we’re still picking up injuries the training and recovery plans need to be assessed. We’re...
  2. Joshua

    Max Aarons

    Didn’t Sess do the same the year Fulham went up?
  3. Joshua

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY SPECIAL!

    He was literally just letting you know how to quote posts. Must be that time of the month :cautious:.
  4. Joshua

    Paulo Dybala

    Annoying since Ornstein is normally bang on. Need to wait for one or two more to say similar since all has been so positive up until this point.
  5. Joshua

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 6th August 2019

    Would assume Lo Celso. Coutinho feels similar to the Dybala situation in that it’s an opportunity that has been presented to the club and is being explored with, I’d imagine, Poch’s approval.
  6. Joshua

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 3rd August 2019

    Not accepting the £100mil comment or the car analogy sorry. We’ve signed ONE first team player in 18 months. It won’t bankrupt the club to adequately improve the playing squad. We need to stop this rhetoric that we’re some cash strapped club scraping around for pennies to do these deals. We have...
  7. Joshua

    Youcef Atal

    He’s a flying machine. Would suit the way we play down to the ground.
  8. Joshua

    Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    Big UK hip-hop artist. Makes good music, massive Spurs fan as well. Did the kit launch a couple of seasons back. Him and Dave (another big UK artist and United fan) have been joking around all summer about being agents or having sources. Basically parodying all the fake ITK accounts. And now...
  9. Joshua

    Player Watch: Victor Wanyama

    Soft spot for Big Vic but clear his injuries have got the better of him. Skipp appearing to have kicked on again makes this an easier decision as well.
  10. Joshua

    Bruno Fernandes

    Was in Lisbon a couple of months ago and went to watch Sporting’s game where they pumped Beleneses 10-1. He scored a hat-trick that day without barely getting out of first gear. Pretty clear he’s far too good for that division. He also impressed as a young player in Italy as well and going back...
  11. Joshua

    Bruno Fernandes

    Fernandes + Lo Celso in and Eriksen out is good business imo. Think Eriksen is a better player than either of them but if he’s not willing to commit then getting two younger, more motivated players in makes sense.
  12. Joshua

    The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    He needs a run of games now. He’s had great moments and dodgy ones but I feel like we can’t pass proper judgement until he’s had an extended run in the team. We might have to accept he’ll make some mistakes initially but there’s a definitely a good player in him. Pretty sure he was considered a...
  13. Joshua

    Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    Neither of the Sess twins in the Fulham squad that’s playing West Ham right now btw
  14. Joshua

    Paulo Dybala

    Makes sense. When the Ceballos deal looked on the feeling always seemed to be the plan was 2 out of Eriksen, Lo Celso or Ceballos. Put Dybala in that equation instead of Ceballos and you’d definitely still think it’s a 2 out of the 3 scenario.
  15. Joshua

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 20th July 2019

    Well, that’s me up all night picturing Dybala in lilywhite then.
  16. Joshua

    Paulo Dybala

    Watched Kane bang one from the halfway line the other day whilst Ronaldo scored a lucky deflected tap in and realised who he needed to be playing up top with :sneaky:
  17. Joshua

    Player Watch: Kieran Trippier

    And there just isn’t that many high quality right backs available right now. Can’t see us adding another raw player who needs coaching considering that’s what our options are right now. Think we’re most likely to just keep trying to bring Serge, Foyth and KWP along.
  18. Joshua

    William Saliba signs for Arsenal

    Saliba signed and loaned back with Toby seeing out his last year does make a lot of sense. I don’t see Roma having the clout to get him. Nothing wrong with having a world class centre half for another year whilst his replacement is wrapped up playing week in-week out ready to come in the...