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  1. senseispab

    Ratings vs Watford

    The impact Poch has had is phenomenal. I just hope we can progress fast enough to keep him happy and Jewish.
  2. senseispab

    Harry Kane

    I'm delighted to say that Kane has proved me massively wrong :) He has a bit of Teddy Sherringham about him.
  3. senseispab

    Inverted Wingers

    This Lennon hate is a bit much for me Yes he's less effective now than he was Yes he never progressed But he's always had a certain sharpness, albeit without top level end product, and as said many times in this thread, a myriad of our every changing managers have picked him for years. It's...
  4. senseispab

    the last youngster you thought would make it

    Not strictly a Spurs youngster, but I thought Dumitrescu was set to be the dogs bollocks Until everyone caught onto the fact he only turned one way...
  5. senseispab

    Thank you Sandro Raniere

    I predict he'll have an excellent season for QPR :(
  6. senseispab

    Gold The History of ITK

    Amazing thread! I still fondly remember the time that Arshavin was supposedly spotted at WHL prior to "signing".
  7. senseispab

    Danny Welbeck

    I wouldn't mind Wellbeck He's young and physical, and probably a more skillful player than his utilization at Utd has allowed him to show. It's not like he's going to miss more chances than Soldado is it?
  8. senseispab

    Harry Kane

    I've seen nothing to suggest he'll be a factor at the top end of the league I hope to be proved very wrong
  9. senseispab

    Gareth Bale......

    lol @ this joker
  10. senseispab

    We need a new Chairman

    I don't think we've been doing bad this century. Just waiting for that final bit of luck one of these days to push on into the nearly impossible to each level of the top 4.
  11. senseispab

    Does anyone in our team excite you?

    er Lloris excites me with all his finger tip reflex saves
  12. senseispab

    Do you care as much as you did

    Very true on the girl analogy. That very thing just happened to me.
  13. senseispab

    Do you care as much as you did

    I cared when we had Modric, VdV and Bale :(
  14. senseispab

    Summer sell off list

    Me too :(
  15. senseispab

    Most depressing player story this season?

    Soldado by a mile No left back cover Bale leaving
  16. senseispab

    PLAYER WATCH: Soldado

    From what I've seen, his strength(s) is tap ins from the 6 yard area.... Seriously, I can't see things changing, he's just not dynamic enough for the Prem.
  17. senseispab

    PLAYER WATCH: Soldado

    Right. Soldado looks pony to me.
  18. senseispab

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread: LEVY TELLS ALL - 21st January 2014

    If Leef Bak can play at Left Back let's snap him up! Can't be worse than Naughton.
  19. senseispab

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread: LEVY TELLS ALL - 21st January 2014

    Nani wouldn't be so bad. BUT GET A LEFT BACK FIRST.