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  1. boy-C

    Player Watch Player Watch: Destiny Udogie

    When thinking of a beast this guy is my first thoughtand then I think of the bird my mate got off with once in my younger clubbing days and she reminded me of the honey monster But to describe a footballer as a beast makes me think more of Blanka someone who is strong, powerful and dominates...
  2. boy-C

    We need better songs

    Don't you want me baby - human league An - ge - Pos - te - cog - lou :whistle:
  3. boy-C

    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    No I don't think Conte is delivering but I don't think he's been given everything he's been promised and needs to be able to deliver.
  4. boy-C

    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Conte is just being Conte, the very same Conte Levy begged to come and manage us, we all knew what Conte was like, what type of football he played, what he would demand and if he didn't get what he wanted we all knew it wouldn't work. So the way I see it is Levy has to back him if he wants to...
  5. boy-C

    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Harvey White, Alfie Devine, Marcel Laviner, Maksim Paskotsi anyone, then at least I could then see progression in developement for the squad and valid reasons for poor performances just please not Winks or Doherty they no longer have any excuses for not being good enough anymore other than not...
  6. boy-C

    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    its so hard to be patient with Conte and the team when players keep getting selected who I have lost patience with years ago and seem to let the team down more often than not. I would be a lot more patient if Conte was selecting younger players who deserve a bit of slack.
  7. boy-C

    Did you inherit or to support Spurs??

    What would this be classed as? My mum who didn't support any team or know anything about football (neither did my dad) brought me a spurs kit when I was 4 because she thought it looked nice (1982 hummel light blue away kit) and I stuck with them from there... I suppose it was fate
  8. boy-C

    Transfer Donation Pledge Thread - 2021 Summer Window

    £20 donated wish it would have been more?
  9. boy-C

    Transfer Donation Pledge Thread - 2021 Summer Window

    To go Sissoko = £20 Winks = £20 Doherty = £20 (will also donate same amount if he becomes a decent player for us!)
  10. boy-C

    Where does Bale rank among Tottenham greatest ever players ?

    For me personally I class Ginola as a legend, he was majestic beauty on the pitch and brought tears to my eyes watching the stuff he was producing. He reignited my love for spurs and turned us from a distraction for me to an obsession. I think Bale would have had a similar affect on people, so...
  11. boy-C

    Poch: In or Out? - You CAN change your vote

    Changed my vote to go... so wanted Poch to turn it around but it just seems broken beyond repair. I still hope he can sort it out and prove me wrong, but in my opinion its time for a change.
  12. boy-C

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - POST MORTEM

    Not a bad transfer window but not a great one, I still feel we are missing that last piece of the jigsaw to complete our squad and from reading the info from the ITK's that's also what the club thinks too. So it seems in these ever evolving transfer windows there are still many more lessons to...
  13. boy-C

    Modric gives us the thumbs up

    Nice little interview from the little man (I would take him back in a heartbeat)
  14. boy-C

    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    WARNING : Only click on that link if you have a good half hour to spare ogling at hot chicks!!!
  15. boy-C

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Final Countdown

    This place and pornhub are my most visited websites so with out this place I would probably be blind already! Thank you Spurs Community £50 donated
  16. boy-C

    Saido Berahino signs for Stoke City

    He is the type of player i think we need and don't currently have, but I can think of quite a few players like him who looked like they would go on to be great players but just lose their mojo and disappear into obscurity and i'm finding it really hard to think of any players that have bounced...
  17. boy-C

    UPDATE: Former Spurs starlet sues club for £7m after heart attack ends his career

    I feel sorry for the lad I truly do and hope he gets looked after but not everything in life is predictable and spurs were giving him an opportunity to do what he dreamed to do it is not spurs fault this unfortunate tragedy happened, sometimes shit happens and you have to accept it and deal with...
  18. boy-C

    poll: how do you feel about the appointment of pochettino?

    Pochettino was initially my first realistic choice, I have been impressed with saints every time i have seen them play under him..... but i had recently been swayed by the FDB camp and the notion that he would keep our big name players happy and attract others, so it's just pleased rather than...
  19. boy-C

    Roberto Soldado Signs

    Ro-ber-to sol-da-do is a YIIIII-DDDOOOO, come and watch him score some goals. to the tune of ob-la-di ob-la-da (life goes on) by the beatles I think this has got real potential:)
  20. boy-C

    Haye vs Chisora

    can i have a PM for a link too please