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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    At this point it wouldn't surprise me if they sell Enzo to themselves for twice the value!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 31st May

    Ah the good old days, village verses village, no rules, goals miles apart
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    European Super League Mega Thread

    Where are Red Star Belgrade????
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    Let's All Laugh At... let's all laugh at United

    I am glad I don't work for you. My company did employ a couple of people from further afield who do a similar job to what I do. My circumstances changed which would make it very very difficult for me to go into the office full time. So in your world, they are admitting that my job can be...
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    Let's All Laugh At... let's all laugh at United

    What about those whose circumstances have drastically changed since Covid started. If my company stated we all had to be back in the office full time I would have to decline. I am lucky my company and managers understand my situation and they know I am a valuable member of the team. Do they...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: James Maddison

    I loved Eriksen but he never would have reached the same legacy as Modric. Modric moved to Madrid at 26 and hasn't looked back for almost 12 years never mind what he has done for his country. Eriksen moved to inter at 28 and at first struggled to make the team, I don't believe real Madrid had...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    I wouldn't mind that either, but If he was to be replaced these days £70k gets you young, potential roll of the dice (but we have been quite good at this recently). Double that gets you a pretty decent standard of player. Treble that (roughly) gets you a top player. Also to be fair to him he...
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    Club announcement

    Its pretty standard when leaving a job for a competitor. They have a notice period but you want to restrict the information they can take. So they are not allowed to work for the competitor until the notice period finishes and they are not allowed to discuss anything / get files from their...
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    Joe Lewis and insider trading

    I don't think anyone has ever said Joe Lewis was squeaky clean. Show me one billionaire who is? Still his dirty money hasn't financed anything but more money for himself. so we are not actually run on his dirty money. Also this court case has nothing about his money but more about giving...
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    Conor Gallagher

    I am going with 11. His Dad will be along later
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    My memory is slightly different. Seb had a interest in the firm that would knock Crystal Palace down for housing etc. Something that wouldn't happen if Spurs bid succeeded (and didn't happen anyway). Seb also wanted a role in IOC so had to be seen pushing for legacy of the London Olympics. Our...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Breaches of Jermain Defoe Transfer - Times Exclusive

    It sounds to me we employed a registered agent and had a contractual arrangement with them (that is who we paid) . That agent employed a non registered agent to help him as he had a relationship with defoe. The FA also had the details and obviously didn't see much of an issue. Seems like a bit...
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    Also famously used by con artists to take control of unsuspecting victims computers and then used for viruses and/or blackmailing the person.
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    The GOAT

    Apart from the odd highlight I have never seen Pele but his longevity and stats tells an amazing story. My first footballing memory was the hand of god so I absolutely hated Maradona but when you looked at his career and how he pretty much carried a poor Argentina and a lowly ranked (although I...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    I am hoping Boehly feels he can turn his hand to that role as well :)
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    Tottenham Squad 2022/23

    If I am not mistaken the current make up of the squad is as follows PL Home grown - 10 non home grown -15 CL Club trained - 5 Assoc trained - 3 Group A - 19 With Winks and Reguilon the only ones looking close to leaving at the moment that would get club trained down to 4 and Group A down to 18...
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    What's Grinding Your Gears - Football Edition

    I don't normally venture into this thread but decided to for some reason this morning to have a look and glad I did. @CoopsieDeadpool I had known your story but still touches me every time it is mentioned. sending both you and @Spurslove much love. I lost my wife in December which I have talked...
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    What's Grinding Your Gears - Football Edition

    SOAP DODGING BASTARDS. Spent 5 years in Paisley (come on St Mirren) whenever Morton was mentioned it was always a natural reaction for everyone to shout SOAP DODGING BASTARDS. That is one thing that has always stuck with me.
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    Your 1 favourite Spurs Player of all Time

    I am surprised so few people have suggested Modric. A truly magical player I could quite happily watch a match just concentrating on him.
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    Your 1 favourite Spurs Player of all Time

    Hoddle was the reason why I support spurs but he left not long afterwards. It has to be between Hoddle, Gazza and Modric (I guess I have a type) and I can't choose between them I think if I had got into football earlier and/or Hoddle stayed longer I suspect it would have been Hoddle out by...