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    Player Watch - Tanguy Ndombele

    Didnt we do that with Aurier?
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    Spurs Youth Thread 23/24

    Anyone know what happen to Troy Parrott? Not heard of him involve in senior team training or anything.
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    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    I think Conte this year was like Arteta last year. They bought him players , the team did not play well generally. Played well in patches. They stuck with him and backed him This year it all clicked and with some good luck with the out of form of Liverpool and Chelsea and Man City, they got a...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 5th August 2022

    Are we keeping Japhet and Gil? seems to be all the ITK are on incoming and Celso and Tanguy outgoing. Is Japhet move to AC Milan dead?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 4th June 2022

    This is interesting. Would that mean that Eriksen is off the table? All foreigners except for Forster, our HG might be in trouble
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    Loan Watch Joe Rodon -Leeds United

    Is Joe counted as a HG ?
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    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    We did not sign any RWB when we urgently need one. Doc and Royal do not seem to be of the quality required. Can Paskotski play RWB?
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    Mohamed Ali-Cho

    Is he any better then the 2 youth forwards we have? Parrott and Scarlett?
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    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    With confirmation of another high rated youth player sold , I was just wondering anyone got a list of youth players supporters raved about in recent years? I remember these few Dilan Parrott Skipp Kane Edwards Madueke Griffiths Pritchard Bentaleb Onomah Bostock CCV Cirkin Ceballos Dervite...
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    Matt Doherty @ Atletico Madrid

    Gotta feel for him, he was a RWB and was sign to play as a RB Now that we play with RWB, he is played but only as a LWB
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    Adama Traore

    We just keep passing left to right and right to left. We got no one wanting to make a run and take on players. The thing about Traore is he does not pass. Our teams problem is we lack penetration. With Traore we got one player that will not pass once he gets the ball, he will run with it ...
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    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Lloris/??? Romero/Sanchez Dier/Rondon Davies/Tanganga Royal/?? Skipp/?? Hojbjerg/Winks Regi/Sess Moura/Gil Kane/Berg Son/?? Tanguy , Ali , Doherty, Gollini , Celso, Clarke looks to be the odd ones out Celso hasnt played cause of injury so the jury is still out . But Doherty, Tanguy, Clarke...
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    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    No striker?
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    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Maybe he didnt discuss it with Levy but he did with Paratici ? I believe of the ITK indicated , Levy is not involved in negotiations and leaves it to Paratici.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    Played a good game against Norwich. He kept Aarons pegged back and unable to join the attack for 80 minutes of the game which was pretty good
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    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    Wonder why Edwards didnt get bought by a bigger club after all the good review on his performances in Portugal
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    Winter Transfer Window Scouting Thread

    You subs will still all be HG like Dele , Winks etc...a couple of injury and we will be back to the same crap
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    Spurs Youth Thread 20/21

    Lots of talk about Conte not giving the youth a chance but according to this old article that does not seem to be the case Chelsea: Only Carlo Ancelotti has done more for youth than Antonio Conte Seems like as long as they are deemed good enough they will get the play, so its true he does not...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    I think he played LWB when he was out on loan in Germany and scores a couple of goals, so he should not be too unfamiliar with this role. Might be better for him then as LB as his defending is pretty suspect
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    Match Threads Everton Vs Spurs

    Richarlson is playing the way we need our striker to play. In the face of the last defender and pulling them this way and that way to allow space for the attacker, he was bullying Davies, Romero, Dier the whole game. Their chances were due to this. Kane is so bloody static...that has always...