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    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    Not sure I care anymore. I want to see spurs win something in my lifetime and I’m not getting any younger. Psr or whatever it’s called is proving toothless and if spurs don’t take the money someone else will and we will fall further down the pecking order. 24 years and one league cup shows Enics...
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    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Attacking football won the tournament. I take some consolation in that.
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    Pedro Neto

    With his injury record and anges system, it’s a huge risk
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    Player Watch: Archie Gray

    Imo it will only indicate we mean business if we back it up with actual first team players. So far we have signed a back up cb, a forward that misses more than he scores on loan and two under 19’s with potential, without spending more than £25 million on a player. I’m not knocking it (yet)...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 31st January

    tell Romero that if he doesn’t perform and win us something next season, we will sell him to United.
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    Player Watch: Archie Gray

    And that is why we never win anything
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    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    Pretty sure the fans at Stamford bridge were singing their hearts out. mSo were the ones at Newcastle
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City

    Out of interest, how many other spurs fans don’t care about the grief we will get if arsenal win the league?
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City

    Sigh. ok ‘over a century of rivalry’ that better for you?
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City

    Absolutely no need to ‘stop this narrative’. You do you and I’ll do me. It’s your right to support your club in anyway you choose the same as it is my right. You do not ‘stop’ anyone’s supporting narrative. just because I don’t understand or agree with you does not give you the right to ‘stop...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City

    Qualifying for the champions league is nowhere near enough reward for the decades of banter we will receive if we hand arsenal the title. I lived with an arsenal fan when they won it at whl and I’m scarred for life. I cannot understand anyone that wants us to hand them the title. Ange doesn’t...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    This is why levy gambling in ffp to get us places isn’t going to work. Money always finds a way around rules. Always.
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    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Harry would do well to remember the club is not all about him. If he really hates it he can always arrange a round of golf with Gary Neville
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    Spurs vs Brentford team news - latest on Lo Celso, Solomon and Sessegnon

    Really need to look at getting rid of gio and sess. Can’t go on like this, we need players who can actually get on the field. Especially if we get back in Europe next season.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    Isn’t he injured?
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    I remember as a kid, I turned on teletext and the headline was ‘spurs sign klinsmann’ . I just stood there staring at it in disbelief Probably the last player spurs signed when they were already world class.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Chelsea - Day 11

    Let’s just remember where we are in our process. That despicable club have thrown another billion pounds at players. We are trying to create a team with spirit and bond that is willing to play football in the manner our great club made its reputation on. Whatever happens, it’s nice to be proud...
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    Spurs Youth Thread 23/24

    Why did gabbanini go?
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    The Deadline Day ITK Discussion Thread - 1st September

    Surely another con is selling the best player we had ina generation?