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  1. Reece_Spurs

    Jacob Ramsey

    I really like Lo Celso, but if he isn't Ange's cup of tea and he likes Ramsey i'm all for it. I really like Ramsey for what it's worth, think he'd do really well in this system aswell. GLC + £20m seems alot on paper but in reality it's a £40m ish signing on lower wages that fits the system...
  2. Reece_Spurs

    Player Watch: Cristian Romero

    If Lisandro Martinez is worth £57m then this Romero is worth £80m+
  3. Reece_Spurs

    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Maybe it's my rose tinted spurs glasses but Kane hasn't looked right this whole tournament. I know he's never been the best pressing player in the world but he looks very leggy, possibly age catching up with him. Bellingham tonight though was awful, I thought I was maybe being overly harsh so...
  4. Reece_Spurs

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 3rd July

    For the record, I meant if the options are to sell Skipp and Emerson, lose a trained at club player in Skipp and replace with KWP to fill that gap then sign another similar midfielder to Skipp then I don't think we've gained anything, just moved 2 average players on for 2 more average players...
  5. Reece_Spurs

    Desire Doue

    Spence back to them could also sweeten the deal?
  6. Reece_Spurs

    New Tottenham 24-25 Kits

    Me too please mate!
  7. Reece_Spurs

    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Cole Palmer right now..
  8. Reece_Spurs

    Player Alexander Isak

    Not a chance we get near £100m unless Richarlison goes for around £50m.
  9. Reece_Spurs

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 28th June

    No, he has lots of clothes and would require a walk in wardrobe
  10. Reece_Spurs

    Player Alexander Isak

    There must be something in this though for it to be even talked about. I'm extremely doubtful it will happen but for whatever reason it seems Newcastle are somewhat open to talking about it for fee that's clearly not too outrageous otherwise we'd move on immediately. I'd absolutely LOVE Isak...
  11. Reece_Spurs

    The England Thread

    BREAKING : Phil Foden’s partner is about to give birth so Phil Foden and Kyle Walker have left the England camp.
  12. Reece_Spurs

    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Why do you always make a new paragraph and leave a fullstop at the end of every post, it's annoying and I keep thinking there's something on my screen. .
  13. Reece_Spurs

    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Was a lottery for me whether or not i'd be able to see Englands first knockout match depending on where we finished in the group as i'm working nights. Turns out we play Sunday now at 5pm, the night i'm working night shift. Fucking ecstatic.
  14. Reece_Spurs

    UEFA EURO 2024 .. June 14th - July 14th

    Think that silver ball was called the scorpion ball, I was about 13 when that advert came out and using the idea I created scorpion tournaments at break time at secondary school, was a massive hit we played it for years 😂
  15. Reece_Spurs

    Eberechi Eze

    Usually release clauses are paid in full, this is what makes it a good option for the club but also the player who might not want to be stuck at a club if a bigger club comes in for him. Player and agent negotiate an agreeable price for the release clause and everyone's happy. I've never known...
  16. Reece_Spurs

    Match Threads Sheffield United vs Spurs

    It'll be like Norwich away a couple of seasons ago when we were all apprehensive we wouldn't beat an already relegated team but smash them 5-0. Bookmark it.
  17. Reece_Spurs

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    He literally placed the blame on himself. Maybe watch the video before spouting utter shite.
  18. Reece_Spurs

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    I'm surprised more people don't have this sort of common sense tbh because it's spot on. The Fulham game in the cup was Anges first competitive opportunity really to see more of the squad players in a match without derailing our good start in the league. He likely learned alot from that game...
  19. Reece_Spurs

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 23/24

    Didn't need to miss 3 penalties, the conspiracy theories are still gold :D
  20. Reece_Spurs

    Player Watch Player Watch: Micky van de Ven

    Anyone seen this? Vote for your teams players of the season out of 4 choices.. Micky isn't one of them.. (n)