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  1. moomin

    Antonio Nusa

    cheers as always wlb for sharing, I really appreciate you putting yourself out there and for sharing the info you hear. while I haven't been around as long as some, I can safely say this is the most positive that things have felt around the club, especially in a january window, as long as I...
  2. moomin

    Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner

    high upside cover for son/veliz. he'll get some starts to prove himself while son is away, and if he doesn't impress he'll go back to the bench and richarlison will slot above him once son is back. this signing just makes so much sense.
  3. moomin

    Winter Transfer Window Scouting Thread 23/24

    Would love Nico Williams from that list
  4. moomin

    Sandro announces his retirement

    legit had no idea he was still playing.
  5. moomin

    Gleison Bremer

    I mean one of two more pieces of itk about it and I will too tbf 😂
  6. moomin

    Gleison Bremer

    Guys. We do this every window. There's always a last minute big name signing that we get teased with. It ain't happening
  7. moomin

    Ansu Fati

    It happens every window. when will we learn
  8. moomin

    Ansu Fati

    honestly I'm really in favor of this deal, I hope we can pull it off as it could be very high reward. our forwards need more competition, richarlison hasn't been in form ever since signing, son has been out of form for basically a year (since his hernia injury), and kulu about the same time span.
  9. moomin

    Harry Kane

    And I thought the media was bad during the windows when modric and bale left...
  10. moomin

    David Raya

    seems pretty obvious brentford plan to sell raya after triggering the release clause for Mark Flekken from Freiburg. smart business for them to sell Raya for 30-35m, and get a solid replacement for 11m
  11. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    nuno 2.0
  12. moomin

    Controversial opinion

    romero is massively overrated
  13. moomin


    sad it had to end like this, i think this is the last time we see him start in goal for us
  14. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    honestly this might be a hot take, but i'd happily take enrique over gallardo.
  15. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    can't wait until he shits the bed even worse than potter
  16. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    scenes when munn goes down in a couple years due to rule breaches at city football group
  17. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    You're right we should've given Nuno 2 full pre seasons before we judged him
  18. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    Sincerely hope we're looking at Kompany. He's the type we should be looking at, young, lots of potential, showing impressive signs with a lesser team, not a failed hand me down from a bigger team with a better environment and more money than us
  19. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    it's nags, get in
  20. moomin

    Next Manager Watch

    the same was said about avb before he took over chelsea