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  1. midspur

    Player Watch Player Watch: Lucas Bergvall

    Back to the good old days “Lucas, FFS”
  2. midspur

    This Week’s Manager Watch: Ryan Mason

    Another 1st for Spurs!
  3. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs AC Milan

    Don’t forget Dier, he likes to point the finger,usually when he’s just fucked up.
  4. midspur

    Match Threads Forest Vs Spurs

    If it’s any consolation, the Goons are 3-1 down at home to Brighton
  5. midspur

    Match Threads Liverpool Vs Spurs

    Missed his interview, what’d he say? Obviously not the whole interview ?
  6. midspur

    Match Threads - what is it you want?

    Getting Spurs to win more might help... then again!
  7. midspur

    Match Threads Burnley Vs Spurs

    What? Paul Ince as interim manager
  8. midspur

    Why did the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium roof pulse during Storm Eunice?

    I answer to the headline, because it was designed to.
  9. midspur

    Tottenham can sign the next Dele Alli for free this summer after huge Liverpool transfer mistake

    To save you the ball ache of scrolling through the ads and drivel, it’s Carvahlo.
  10. midspur

    Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski

    Sounds perfect
  11. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Chelsea

    You may like to try the Chelsea v Spurs thread!
  12. midspur

    Match Threads Leicester Vs Spurs

    Haha. So did I. And deleted the recording!
  13. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Chelsea

    Hopefully that late, he’ll miss the game completely.
  14. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs West Ham

    How the other 3 failed to see it is beyond me
  15. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs West Ham

    On or off the pitch?
  16. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Brentford

    I’m pretty certain it would have been noted by Conte
  17. midspur

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Brentford