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    The Spurs Youth Thread – 2016/2017

    Yes mate that's true but ugo had never done anything since he retired did a little bit with us with the u14s but it was a baffling appointment then and it's even more baffling now when you see how ugo has done. Nearly got us relegated last season, played the boys all over the shop, poor walkes...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread – 2016/2017

    I agree with beats questions should be asked of McDermott. He is sadly not the messiah he is made out to be piggybacks off of sherwood, Ramsey and inglethorpe. i also hate the fact he puts himself in charge give experience to coaches at the club help them develop. If he left we would not notice...
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    Paul Mitchell Joins Tottenham

    the idea is mitchell will work underneath broomfield who is in charge of our recruitment not baldini! as i keep saying this notion we have no scouts and are reforming is old news. we have been doing this since just before the summer. we do have scouts these days. the dark days were under avb...
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    Bitterness for Sherwood

    people have no idea how good sherwood was for our club. he wasnt an old boy clutching a job like dennis wise this was a guy that got a lucky break learnt the ropes and did the best he can for our club with very good results. the youth setup is almost single handedly down to tim. credit must go...
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    Relegation a possibilty?

    i think relegation is a possibility if we do not start to get a few results together. is the current info that if we took away the incredibly lucky west ham and villa wins we would be 19th in the league. for me that says it all. i am not a fan of poch then again im not a fan of sacking so...
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    Comolli: Tottenham’s scouting network is a joke around the world

    its well known about the scouting network. the year we appointed avb we sacked broomfield we ran the club with a handful of scouts. there was four that i knew of, one belonged to avb, two were young goalkeeping scouts (still at the club i believe) and the fourth was a combo of...
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    Pochs captain?

    We have a tradition at spurs of passing down the armband the ex captain chooses the next captain. ledley gave the armband to dawson (I think they actually recorded this happening for spurstv) dawson gave the armband to kaboul. In essence kaboul will be named club captain. Lloris will be named...
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    He asked to leave mate. I spoke to his brother a few months back and there still quite bitter about the whole thing. They felt there was too much favoritism at the club in terms of opportunities. I say bitter because I was trying to discuss it with him and he was virtually shouting at me...
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    Michel Vorm

    You can sign a player if injured it just gets reflected in the price/insurance paid on player. That being said I am sure vorm is fine he just has his own fitness programme which ends this week. My medical opinion on swansea is that whoever felt fabianski is a better keeper than vorm has had or...
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    Rob Devine: Spurs will never be great again until Levy is gone

    Jesus christ that last line. Well once hoddles finished "fixing"spurs hopefully he can fix poverty and find a cure for cancer.
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    Assou-Ekotto training alone.

    There are tons of incidents involving benny and adebayor. Ive mentioned loads in the past....any other job they would of been sacked and once both are gone the incidents will come spilling out im sure of it. The thing that makes me laugh with benny is that if we ignored the bad attitude, the...
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    Pochs captain?

    I question it from what I see at games both on tv and in person. look at the way the players interact, look at whos barking orders, look at the way when we concede whos got their head up quickest? Whos trying to get their point across? Ive seen more than enough of the names I mentioned to have...
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    Pochs captain?

    To us british/irish the captains armband is a huge statement and you look for your captain to lead. Other nationalities dont get it and just have the best player as captain no matter how unsuitable (ronaldo-portugal as an example) or they give the armband to the longest serving player no matter...
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Get in there onomah! that will do nicely :)
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    he has definetely signed mate, he has been at the training ground and he is due as you say to go back on loan to celta Vigo. He is training with us until the end of august though. I havent delved too deep but I think its a work permit criteria as to the reasoning of him returning to spain...
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    This is why I stear clear of instagram. filtering photos upsetting my already fragile eyes! Cheers for clearing it up though buddy.
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Im colourblind so I might be seeing it wrong but it looks navy blue and green. I pulled up the black one and the shades look different to me. It was a photo of them playing on twatter. I could be wrong here buddy!
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    we have to do this mate its part of the youth league rules that you play x amount of games in a stadium/arena whatever you wanna call it. The training ground as amazing as it is does not count. You seen the developmental team have given away the third shirt design by accident by being...
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    Ledley appointed Spurs U18 Coach

    Was that a joke mate? I am certain ginola did not finish his training course or he did very little. He was helping out at the club and was expected to be given a position then decided he didnt fancy it. Loved him as a player but you would have to ask is he lazy or unmotivated never bothered...
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Regarding mcgee i think he is talented I went to watch him play for harlow town last season (purposely just to watch him) as I wanted to see how he reacted with proper football. He did really well although let in a few in a team that were at the time the best in the division. For his...