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  1. idlepete

    Cheeky bid for Tevez's-theory-of-cash-201109284361/
  2. idlepete

    Tottenham Vs Man City: Match Thread

    Topspur or aj, any chance of sharing that link? Cheers :D
  3. idlepete

    its a shame we penny pich for the wrong players

    Kendall; I appreciate where you're coming from dude, but seriously... You just made me sick up a little bit of my dinner man. Self-control, please.
  4. idlepete

    Four Nations

    Fuck a duck. What a retard.
  5. idlepete

    Defoe + Keane: Will it work?

    Ok yeah, you win. Those forty goals they got between them are made to look soooooo much worse by the fact they only got to play half a season each.
  6. idlepete

    Four Nations

    Woohoo! A tournament we can win! Bet we don't though.
  7. idlepete

    Defoe + Keane: Will it work?

    Yeah, those two fifth place finishes, all those goals they scored, other teams living in fear of our 'embarrassment of riches' up front... they were dark days, man, dark days.
  8. idlepete

    Hudd has got the hump!

    Try harder, Tom.
  9. idlepete

    Defoe + Keane: Will it work?

    It can work now we have a fully functioning midfield. But we'll still need target men as well, and there'll be rotation, and toys thrown out of prams when players get dropped, and all that. Which is exactly as it should be. It's a fucking awesome problem for Spurs to have and I'm glad we've got...
  10. idlepete

    Corluka or Hutton

    Corluka all day long, even though he's not a natural RB his technique is massively superior to Hutton's, he's a much better footballer. Defensively I reckon he's probably been more solid for us too.
  11. idlepete

    Get Voting for Lennon Everyone!!

  12. idlepete

    I am suing West Ham because...

    And also, because they smell. Of wee.
  13. idlepete

    I am suing West Ham because...

    I'm suing West Ham because I can't cope with the mental stress of thinking about all those drunken wife-beating fans going home angry every time they lose a game.
  14. idlepete

    Team V Chelsea

    I'd play Pav over Bent for this one too.
  15. idlepete

    most improved player

    That's what I was gonna say. Except I would have spelt phenomenal right. :razz: Lennon for me too.
  16. idlepete

    Would it be THAT bad if we lose on Sunday......

  17. idlepete

    Best/Worst Signings

    Bentley to Spurs is the worst signing of the season.
  18. idlepete

    What do you think of Modric on the left now?

    I like it. Oddly, not being one of the centre two allows him to get into the game a little more and he seems to see more of the ball.
  19. idlepete

    Summer transfers

    Yep, it's more exciting that way.
  20. idlepete

    Spurs vs Middlesbrough: Match Thread

    Jesus Christ. You people. Let's just win.