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  1. Powder Keg

    Eberechi Eze

    I’m going for it’s common knowledge he’s been everywhere. Imagine the scenes when we get an actual cryptic.
  2. Powder Keg

    Ivan Toney

    He did say top 6 to be fair…
  3. Powder Keg

    Pedro Neto

    Was the knee injury an ACL? That would explain the length and then the subsequent ankle injury (like Bentancur). Those don’t worry me as he came back at a high level, it’s the 2 hamstring injuries which are the concern. But maybe we think we can manage it and it’s as much of a risk as VdV...
  4. Powder Keg

    Ivan Toney

    Or Gallagher maybe. The moving parts must be HG.
  5. Powder Keg

    Tosin Adarabioyo

    Exactly - “pure profit” next year. Who knows they might even sell him to one of their hotels. Mad club.
  6. Powder Keg

    Conor Gallagher

    I can see the appeal of Gray (RB/DCM) and trying to pip Juve for Calafiori (LCB/LB) to fill 4 positional needs with 2 players. That then makes Gallagher (who can only really play 1 position) make more sense.
  7. Powder Keg

    Conor Gallagher

    Good, useful player - but I wont be losing any sleep if we didn’t get him. If we’re buying central midfielders I’d rather go for Ederson or Soule/Baena in other positions.
  8. Powder Keg

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 31st January

    Think Sesko’s agent was as the Emirates for the Everton game which is why the reports have Arsenal as front runners. The swines.
  9. Powder Keg

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Hopefully, finally, lessons have been learned
  10. Powder Keg

    Youssouf Fofana

    I agree with this totally - hopefully there will be technical additions to take the ball and benefit from players like Gallagher and Sarr winning it back high. Only saw the short highlights of the Chelsea game but I think Gallagher won the ball for the Caciedo goal and later, made a goal saving...
  11. Powder Keg

    Takefusa Kubo

    He certainly wouldn’t help with our set piece problems
  12. Powder Keg

    Player Watch Player Watch: Richarlison

    Thought Ange said no new injuries in his presser today
  13. Powder Keg

    Who is our best #8?

    Bergvall 😉
  14. Powder Keg

    The Summer 2024 scouting thread

    As an HG, Club trained option coming in to be a sub I’m all for it. Allows us to go for quality first XI signings elsewhere. Sits far better in the squad as this kind of option than Tosin or Kelly
  15. Powder Keg

    Tosin Adarabioyo

    I think that the run down of Paritici’s methods was Romario in full flow
  16. Powder Keg

    Tosin Adarabioyo

    I’m just questioning why there was an offer to turn down
  17. Powder Keg

    Nico Williams

    Are they both Basques too?
  18. Powder Keg

    Tosin Adarabioyo

    You’d hope so, but if that’s the play we should be after Kelly for LCB who ticks the same boxes but also actually helps the squad. Tosin is right footed, right sided and not very good…
  19. Powder Keg

    The Summer 2024 scouting thread

    Johnson’s stats were similarly terrible (if not worse) so maybe it’s a product of being at Forest. Still, if we’re looking to mount a challenge we need players who won’t necessarily take more than half a season to get up to speed.
  20. Powder Keg

    Conor Gallagher

    I'm not convinced Chelsea will need to sell Gallagher anyway. Hall is off to Newcastle for £30m. Then they'll be looking to sell Chalobah, Maatsen, Broja and Lukaku before they need to even think about Gallagher. Fine by me - good if we can get him for some kind of cut-price deal (unlikely...