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  1. raf18

    Player watch: Danny Rose

    He looked like he's been locked in a room for months Oldboy style. Will be good to have him back. Him and Aurier could offer us some explosive play on the wings.
  2. raf18

    Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

  3. raf18

    Ross Barkley

    Loving the fact he pulled out mid medical. It's almost worth the extra few million Everton might want from us.
  4. raf18

    Davinson Sanchez

    SSN saying we've agreed a fee with Ajax
  5. raf18

    Benni wants to be a porn star

    To be honest, I think he's already done it.
  6. raf18

    La Liga 16/17 Just when you thought Soldado's misses couldn't get any worse :rolleyes:
  7. raf18

    Crystal Palace Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    4-5 years ago we'd be a goal or two down.
  8. raf18

    Chelsea Vs Tottenham: FA Cup Match Thread

    In case anyone needs an injection of passion:
  9. raf18

    Anti Spurs bias on BBC

    I work for Sky, and towards the end of last season after Leicester had sealed the title, there was an article running on the internal website that all staff see first thing in the morning. It was basically one big jizzfest about how "amazing" Sky's coverage has been. I didn't hold back in...
  10. raf18

    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Oh man, I can really see us putting in yesterday's kind of performance at home to Chelsea. That's something to really look forward to, especially with the added spice!
  11. raf18

    Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    Working his nuts off is what got the ball back for the second goal, in which his subsequent pass instigated the counter....just saying...
  12. raf18

    Tottenham Vs Gillingham: Match Thread

    Was thinking in the first half that Janssen's first goal would be a pen...COYS!
  13. raf18

    Player Watch Player Watch: Son Heung-min

    Back to the pre-injury Son from last year! I like it!
  14. raf18

    Paul Mitchell & Rob McKenzie

    I think, what we must all try to realise, is we are trying to build something that is bigger than any person. Something that can survive misfortune or people leaving. Sure, it's a loss, but the show must go on. As Poch said himself, “Always, my decisions are for the present but for the future...
  15. raf18

    Player Watch: Erik Lamela
  16. raf18

    2016/17 Kit

    Got to say, I'm loving all three kits. Didn't think I'd be saying it at all; I think the navy shorts and socks saves the home kit. Gold one has to be my favourite.
  17. raf18

    The Poch has been confirmed as manager thread!

    You're right. That day he picked Berbatov up from the airport before the City cab driver could find him, we didn't actually see any video footage until he was walking through that balcony inside Old Trafford.
  18. raf18

    The Poch has been confirmed as manager thread!

    I would not be surprised if Poch went along looking for some praise and advice, but ended up with an earful of shit from Fergie trying to tempt him to consider United at some point in the future. There's no way he would pass up an opportunity to weasel something like that.
  19. raf18

    What our opponents' fans are saying

    The race for 9th is really hotting up!
  20. raf18

    2016/17 Kit

    Purple shirt looks class this season. Having said that, the fit seemed to be really weird. Very long, almost like a dress and just generally doesn't feel right.