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  1. lenny7

    So I opened the Metro today... this. Brb, just going to lay the headstone where our dignity just got buried!
  2. lenny7

    Lets all laugh at Newcastle

    Yes we most certainly were, and NO TA!
  3. lenny7

    Levy's Worst Player Deal

    Some have mentioned him already, but Bentley stands out for me. Almost worth the transfer fee for the goal in the 4-4 at the Death Star, but to be fair that was a shocking bit of business.
  4. lenny7

    Harry Kane

    No, I got his name 100% correct and did NOT claim to have helped discover him, then pronounce Tottenham completely wrong.
  5. lenny7

    Harry Kane

    What a week he had though, scored his first prem hat trick, made Wal**** look like a jessop, then caps it off with a 78 second debut goal for England and was mindful not to break Sir Bill's record. What a man. "Tottenham’s likeable, puppyish sniper of a centre forward".
  6. lenny7

    Harry Kane

    Plus 16 league goals already and he didn't get a Prem start until the 9th November.
  7. lenny7

    Harry Kane

    Does anyone else think there's probably no point in doing a player of the season this year? I mean, save for the lad signing a pre-contract agreement with the scum or something equally hideous like genocide or whatnot, he's got to be nailed on.
  8. lenny7

    Danniella Westbrook

    You've gone and won yourself an Internet there, lad.
  9. lenny7

    PL Football March 3/4

    Villa take the spoils late on, Nottingham Tim, hero of the Black Country. Fancy that!
  10. lenny7

    PL Football March 3/4

    A really big night at the foot of the table which doesn't look like it's going anyone's way as it stands.
  11. lenny7

    Is it possible to not love Harry Kane?

    I think that if you were Cortois on New Years Day you could be forgiven for not liking him too much, I doubt I'd be pleased if someone had blown my back doors that violently. Actually I probably would be, but this is neither the time or place.
  12. lenny7

    How many of the magnificent 7 should we keep

    The Dolphin and of course the Great Dane make the cut. Only recently lost a lot of patience with Lamela & Bobby, I fear either won't turn the corner I hoped they both would. As for the rest, it's easy to imagine them already gone.
  13. lenny7

    Dean Windass interview

    Sad what happened to him, but glad he's made a recovery, genuinely a very nice chap and will always be a cult figure in football.
  14. lenny7

    Sol Campbell runs for Mayor of London

    Remember when the Tories put Jeffry Archer forward for Mayor of London? I bet, like me, you didn't think they could find a bigger **** for the role, but somehow, here we are.
  15. lenny7

    CL last 16

    3 away goals. Fucking ace :LOL:
  16. lenny7

    CL last 16

  17. lenny7

    CL last 16

    Berbatov was already at God status to me, he's taken it up a notch tonight. The beautiful, languid genius.
  18. lenny7

    CL last 16

    I like it when they suffer.
  19. lenny7

    Tottenham Vs Fiorentina: Match Thread

    To reference Partridge, that fella they've got at the back with the moustache looks like a Lebanese Pimp.
  20. lenny7

    Tottenham Vs Fiorentina: Match Thread

    I think we've played some great stuff tonight, a bit unlucky not to be well ahead and Fiorentina are a pretty decent side, when they get into the game it starts going end to end, just a really good game to watch so far, this is why I like the knock out stage of the Europa League, rarely a dull...