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  1. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Son Heung-min

    Son has always been best for us in a 2 striker system. Kane holding the ball and Sonny running in behind. It goes without saying that the loss of Kane was huge for him. He doesn’t have the speed now to be as effective at LW though of course he can still do a job there. He doesn’t have the hold...
  2. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner

    Reality is we need an upgrade on Johnson at RW and a proven goal scorer at CF. If for instance we brought in Toney and someone like Netto we are not going to buy an expensive LW as well. If we started with Netto, Toney and Son with Johnson , Richarlison , Kulu and Werner as back up options would...
  3. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    How much are we going to get for him ? 15m ? Would we buy a replacement creative midfielder if he left ? Probably not. Is he a disruptive element ? It doesn’t seem like it. Does he add anything when he plays ? Yes , see his goals against Villa and City for instance Has he been out injured...
  4. dannythomas

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    I think Ange has done a very good job in his first season despite some of the shocking end of season performances. . As has been said several times the final table doesn’t lie and 5th place is where we deserved to be. Europa League qualification was good for our progression. ‘Remember that in...
  5. dannythomas

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    And by the way imagine the gloating from Chelsea fans if they finish above us in addition to beating us twice. Not that long ago the gap was 14 points.
  6. dannythomas

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    All those who think that EL is confirmed don’t remember recent history. The year Leicester won the league we only needed a point from our last game against already relegated Newcatle to clinch second place. Result Newcastle 5 Tottenham 1. It would not be a certainty for us not to lose at...
  7. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Brennan Johnson

    I think Bergwijn was just as good as Johnson, if not better. And since leaving haș been scoring regularly for Ajax
  8. dannythomas

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    Anything except this : We manage 3 points from our last 3 games only for Chelsea and Newcastle to get maximum points and push us into the Conference League…… only for United to pull off a win on penalties in the Cup Final and Chelsea take the Conference spot.
  9. dannythomas

    Team vs Burnley

    I have been re watching the Tottenham Amazon All or Nothing documentary and it’s easy to forget that GLC was a really key figure in Jose’s first season. In fact at one point José discussed giving him a rest because he was one of the few players who didn’t get injured that year ! How things have...
  10. dannythomas

    Match Threads Liverpool vs Spurs

    Would like this line up Vicario Romero Draguisin, VDV Porro Sarr Maddison Lo Celso Emerson Son Richarlison will get probably Vicario Porro Romero VDV Emerson Bissouma Sarr Maddison Kulu Richarlison Son
  11. dannythomas

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    I would be more than satisfied with 5th. Shows progress for sure. I‘m more concerned about Newcastle catching uș . They have a comfortable looking run in. If Newcastle pass uș and United win the cup final ( unlikely but by no means Impossible ) we would end up in the Conference League. If we...
  12. dannythomas

    Ex-Manager watch: Antonio Conte

    Perhaps Conte and Tuchel could work together for the rest of this season.
  13. dannythomas

    Match Ratings Ratings vs Brighton

    Vicario 7.5 Porro 6 Romero 7 VDV 6 Udogie 6 Bentancur 5.5 Sarr 8 Maddison 7 ‘Kulu 5.5 Richarlison 5.5 Werner 6 Bissouma 7 Johnson 5 Son 7
  14. dannythomas

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    100% agree with this . 5-2-1 in last 8 games, tied with Liverpool and City collecting the highest - 17 points in that time. Without key players throughout . But yes I guess conceding a draw at Everton puts us into crisis.
  15. dannythomas

    Team for Everton....

    Minor injuries for GLC usually mean 2-3 months out.
  16. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Yves Bissouma

    I have been to West Africa a few times and there is a tendency for people who get a high temperature ( and some Doctors too ) to diagnose themselves with malaria when on most occasions they have flu.
  17. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Yves Bissouma

    Pretty negligent going to a high risk malaria zone without taking anti malaria medications.
  18. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    In fairness if you read the enirety of what the agent said it is actually fine.
  19. dannythomas

    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    Well , it’s either Levy’s haggling costs uș once again OR Genoa and Tottenham agree on compromise fee OR Master stroke bringing in Tosin at 15 m instead. What it won’t be is Tottenham pay the asking price as Radu signs.