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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Brighton

    Unintentional. Removed now. I don’t ever really rate other than agree/like/funny .
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    Excellent news. And if I ever even try to say something vaguely complimentary about them may the words turn to ash in my mouth.
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    Match Threads Nottingham Forest Vs Spurs

    We've won thirteen of our last eighteen PL games, since the Burnley defeat at the end of February. Three draws and two defeats (United and Brighton) in that run. Eleven clean sheets, forty-seven goals scored and eleven conceded, if i'm counting right. No one's picked up as many points as us in...
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    Alasdair Gold left buzzing over Destiny Udogie signing

    Our lad's just scored against Monza.
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    Premier League 2022/23

    We’ll see how tonight goes - I expect a Liverpool win, obviously - but I wonder if the conclusion of last season has left a mark on Klopp and the squad. If they’d beaten rather than drawn with us at Anfield they’d have won the league. That must grate. They had a ton of chances against Madrid...
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    Tickets - Leeds

    The One Hotspur + date for Newcastle tickets was originally 22nd August. Then it was switched to 8th August. So do keep checking. I don’t remember getting any notification - just happened to look at the upcoming fixtures page and noticed the switch.
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    Spurs Community Fantasy Football MegaThread

    Picked KBD over Haaland as the premium City option on the basis that he's a known PL quantity and less likely to be rotated. Watched the City game and dropped KDB and got Haaland in before the price rise. Even if he is rested now and then, I think even De Bruyne will struggle to match his...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Rodrigo Bentancur

    Will never be able to see him now without this line coming back to me.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski

    Heard his name about fifty times leaving the ground. Now in the Coach & Horses. What a player. What a fucking player.
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    Concerts at the New Stadium

    Saw plenty of GnR fans an the train down from Victoria to Brighton last night. I’d just seen LCD Soundsystem and the sound at Brixton Academy ain’t great either. Loud enough but you could barely make out what James Murphy was singing. Still a great gig though - everyone knew the words already .
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    The most painful transfers out of THFC

    Seeing the back page of the Sun or the Mirror announcing Waddle’s transfer to Marseille. Huge money at the time but that didn’t really soften the blow.
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    So they've paid £45 million for Jesus, who scored 58 goals in 159 games for City and we've paid not much more for Richarlison, who scored 43 for *Everton* in 135 games? And our guy is our fourth (or joint third) choice forward and has been bought for cover/rotation while theirs is now the focal...
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    Concerts at the New Stadium

    Only seen Springsteen once. 4th July 1985 at Wembley. Nine days later I was back for Live Aid.
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    Aunt Sally

    Bob's your uncle, Sally's your aunt.
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    Blimey, Saka was only about seven when City first started tapping up/poaching Arse's best players. Seems like only yesterday.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    What struck me after Madrid went ahead was that I was watching a replay of our game at Anfield three weeks ago. Liverpool huffed and puffed for an hour but failed to blow down or even particularly rattle our defence or Madrid's. They created half-chances during that hour but Courtois pulled off...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Son Heung-min

    This exactly. Club legend on the level of Gazza, Glenda, Waddle or Harry. The reality is he just gets better every year. Golden Boot in a season when we really struggled at points. It's going to break our hearts when he goes or is deemed surplus. Probably more than HK in many ways. Genuinely one...
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 21/22

    I was about to post that until you did! Quality comment.
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    Nothing like 2018/19 for me. They came to ours this time with fourth in their hands. A point would have been fine for them. And they imploded. They literally crumbled and self-destructed under the pressure. And off that result they went to Newcastle, who didn't need anything, and got blown away...
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    Thing is most of us can remember Sol Campbell, can remember lasagne, can remember them winning the league at the Lane. Some of us can probably remember them winning the double at ours. But this is the first time we’ve really cost them something since 1991, Gazza, Wembley and all that. Any...