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  1. felmani26

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    We should prioritise high ceiling 'wonderkids' like Bergvall, Gray, Doue et al and then bona-fide 1st team upgrades like Sesko thus improving the squad depth by relegating the likes of Richarlison, Johnson to squad players. We don't need the opportunistic signings like Hudson-Odoi clogging up...
  2. felmani26

    Ivan Toney

    Zirkzee would indeed be a superb addition but can see him following Motta to Juventus.
  3. felmani26

    Conor Gallagher

    I think the vast majority of fans would support this notion and in addition to the obvious talent he will bring, it also delivers a clear unequivocal message that under Ange, if you are good enough you will be provided opportunities/pathways to the first team - this goes to not just the academy...
  4. felmani26

    UEFA Europa League and Conference League 2023/24

    Superb performance by Atalanta to a man! And to Gasparini who’s managed to tactically outwit Klopp, Amorim and now Alonso is mightily impressive whichever way you want to look at it.
  5. felmani26

    Off to Australia...

    Sums up Gil's Spurs career
  6. felmani26

    Adam Wharton

    Perfectly understandable too for his career.
  7. felmani26

    Adam Wharton

    He's a quality player but also very much at the ideal club for his development right now and shouldn't be used as a stick to beat our recruitment department with.
  8. felmani26

    Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner

    Less of a bargain when he's reportedly on £165k pw. We should actively explore other options.
  9. felmani26

    Match Threads Sheffield United vs Spurs

    It’ll be more likely giving Royal a good send off
  10. felmani26

    Match Threads Sheffield United vs Spurs

    Superb Porro!
  11. felmani26

    Match Threads Sheffield United vs Spurs

    Good send off please boys and solidify 5th and Europa
  12. felmani26

    Player Watch Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Wholly understandable too with the Copa America and Euro's looming.
  13. felmani26

    Player Watch Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Got a knock apparently so likely we've seen the last of Gio in a Spurs shirt. Never got the opportunities as others were afforded from an outside perspective.
  14. felmani26

    Archie Gray

    Hato and Timber returning from injury will make Arsenal's defensive options quite formidable unfortunately.
  15. felmani26

    Archie Gray

    We'll likely be creative in some aspects but in terms of Gray, i'm rather simplistically looking at it with us being able to shift out Hojbjerg and Royal - possibly even Skipp - and get Gray in who is a bona-fide long term upgrade at 6 and more than adept at RB. That's also circa £180k saved in...
  16. felmani26

    Archie Gray

    He has everything needed to be a mainstay in our side and fills a massive need for us at both 6 and cover for Porro. Adds to the HG quota and compliant for HG club trained for UEFA. Ticks so many boxes that it's a no brainer for me as an investment to our present and future.
  17. felmani26

    Archie Gray

    Not if they envisage having Gray deployed at RB though. Also the fee Leeds will look to command for Gray once promoted will be North of £50m you feel.
  18. felmani26

    Santiago Giménez

    Quite possibly. Seems the board are in denial about their financial predicament which Xavi alludes to so if they want to bury their heads in the sand and continue to spend beyond their means then go ahead.
  19. felmani26

    The VAR Thread

    Wholly down with the Scrap It now side. It has morphed into re-reffing the match from outside the ground undermining the referee in the middle of the park and can never and will never get all decisions ‘right’ because the very essence of football is never binary - not to mention the absolute...
  20. felmani26

    Alejandro "Álex" Baena Rodríguez

    Oh clearly there's some group structure but just wonder if the relationship we have with Frank Trimboli (Base) is materially separate to that of Barnett (Stellar).