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  1. Stav

    Match Threads Fulham vs Spurs

    'They'? 👀
  2. Stav

    Player Watch Player Watch: Brennan Johnson

    I'm liking him more and more and more. I always felt there was something there with him, but it, perhaps completely understandably, has taken a little while to truly come out. He's definitely stepped up a gear or two over the last few games, showing much more agression, confidence, and hard work...
  3. Stav

    Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski

    I too have felt that he seems to be using his right foot a lot more to get a cross in in recent months. He can still be a bit predictable in the sense that he isn't the quickest with his actions/feet, but he does seem to have more variety in his wing play these days.
  4. Stav

    Player Watch Player Watch: Son Heung-min

    It does, doesn't it? And his voice seems richer and deeper when doing so.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Brentford -

    And good to see Ange is still never not clearing his throat when being interviewed.
  6. Stav

    Ex-Player Watch Player Watch: Mousa Dembele

    When I think of Mousa, I almost always also recall Zidane, and Federer. Sportsmen whose movement you just enjoy watching. Everything he, and they, did just screamed ease, elegance, poise, finesse, and in some kind of way, artistry, as a dancer has. Weirdly, I don't remember Mousa constantly...
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    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    I've got tears rolllng down my cheeks as I read this. Thankfully my 11 year old tea-towel is next to me, sharing this moment and helping dry my face.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Ben Davies

    You can't just casually mention your son without also telling us his age mate.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Richarlison

    Thats's a very good post. Thanks mate.
  10. Stav

    Unsung Tottenham hero players

    How in god's name do people know/remember this kind of detail about specific seasons/formations/players from 28 years ago? I'm frequently baffled by this kind of post. I can barely remember what our starting lineup was against Villa 2 days ago. Impressive stuff.
  11. Stav

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 23/24

    Interesting if that's how it would be pronounced in Greece, with the stress on the second syllable, but I recall a reporter asking him if he was saying his surname correctly in one of his first interviews, and Ange confirmed he was. Of course, he was pronouncing it the way we all do. Perhaps...
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    Ange Postecoglou ‘aims dig’ at Mikel Arteta over VAR controversy after Chelsea defeat

    I'm with you brother. I will also fail the Chelsea got away with. It's the right thing to do.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: James Maddison

    Christ. That's a player I'd 100% forgotten was ever here.
  14. Stav

    Player Watch Player Watch: Destiny Udogie

    Serious question: How do you think stereotypes are formed?
  15. Stav

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    If any place can find the answer, it'll be here: Anyone want to put this to them?!
  16. Stav

    Harry Kane is your amazing friend to get around paywalls by the way.
  17. Stav

    Match Threads Newcastle Vs Spurs

    The pertinent question at the moment is, will we get to 100 pages before half-time? I guess for the first time ever?
  18. Stav

    Match Threads Southampton Vs Spurs

    Great minds. Seems I was about 10 pages too generous.
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    Match Threads Southampton Vs Spurs

    I predict this thread petering-out at around 75 pages due to the utter apathy we all have for our club right now. When ordiniarily a draw-that-feels-like-a-defeat against the bottom club would probably get about 120+ pages.
  20. Stav

    Match Threads AC Milan Vs Spurs

    You're a more patient man than I. Or a very new Spurs fan. I can barely remember the days of sitting engrossed for 95 minutes solid!