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  1. Chirpystheman

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The day Dragusin arrived - 10th January

    Finally got a manager who is prepared to take a chance on youth. Also with the majority of world football being skint maybe we are using it to our advantage snapping up decent youngsters knowing lots of clubs can't afford to hang on to them and sell at real premium and the list of buyers is a...
  2. Chirpystheman

    Mid-window review: ins/outs?

    Because he was loaned out for a season. Uefa rules state continuous training
  3. Chirpystheman

    Mid-window review: ins/outs?

    So sarr won't count in Europe as he's not been club/associated trained for a continuous 3 seasons
  4. Chirpystheman

    Mid-window review: ins/outs?

    On Sarr I don't see how his season on loan at Metz counts towards the 3 years needed to qualify as HG. That doesn't make sense to me. As if it's a case of just registering a player. Why don't we sign more overseas 18 year olds register and then loan out back to previous club repeat for 3 seasons...
  5. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner

    Maybe werner has come up as an option as the CB is costing a few million more than we first thought. So we are trying to balance the budget. If we didn't own Gil and we were asked who we'd rather sign on loan gil or werner we'd all pick werner so let's not moan about a squad upgrade
  6. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    The one thing I'd say about sess is he always looked scared of making a mistake which hampered his play massively. With a manager that will give him freedom to play and won't coach him from the touchline as Jose and Conte did i think he could do a shift. He's a talented footballer who's...
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    The Deadline Day ITK Discussion Thread - 1st September

    If we get Johnson done by lunchtime that will fill me with hope that we will get more done today.
  8. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: Richarlison

    You all have short memories when it comes to richarlison and injuries. 
  9. Chirpystheman

    Harry Kane

    Everyone questioning why would we accept if Kane was going to turn it down. Would that not be the ultimate PR stunt. It completely controls the narrative. If we didn't accept the story would be we held him hostage and stifled his career. They would point to future top players and say do you want...
  10. Chirpystheman

    Gift Orban

    If Veliz is good and Orban kicks on what's to say that we wouldn't sell Richi and Kane goes on a free. We've moaned for a 6 or 7 years about only having 1 forward. Now people moaning about having too many. Veliz and Orban are both very young. So spending 40m on the pair if only one makes it...
  11. Chirpystheman

    David Raya

     Brentford are a joke club.
  12. Chirpystheman

    António Silva

    Remember liverpool when they sold Coutinho. He funded a top keeper and CB and it transformed their side. I think we will be OK going forward. As we will have plenty of goals in the side with Richi Son Lo celso Kulu Solomon Maddison. Hopefully defenders and fullbacks can chip in. If the above...
  13. Chirpystheman

    António Silva

    People need to stop worrying about the forward line if Kane goes. Richi capable of scoring 15 if playing week in week out. He got 1 last season. Son had a very poor season by his standard. If he scores 5 more than the 10 he got last season. Kulu should be in this new attacking system getting...
  14. Chirpystheman

    Harry Kane

    @What Lies Beneath thanks for the update regarding Kane. Hopefully your other info is as insightful.
  15. Chirpystheman

    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    Pretty sure all the land bought by spurs they then bought off the club by a sister company at fair market price. They have subsequently sold a stake in that for a decent profit. Pretty sure they gave sound logical reasons for it. However knowing the stadium plans were going to massively increase...
  16. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: Micky van de Ven

    Keep reading that we can't sign both VDV and Tapsoba. People saying how do you keep a young prospect happy. We signed Sanchez in when we had 2 world class CBs. Also romero has missed 27 league games in 2 seasons and Tapsoba can play RCB. We need both
  17. Chirpystheman

    Player Alex Scott

    People questioning why are we looking at winger/forward. We are already hearing talk of Son being a target for the Saudi league next season. Makes sense to succession plan as we could very easily at the end of the season lose Kane and Son. Then our attack is back at square 1 and we will be held...
  18. Chirpystheman

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Hello

    A big clear out is possible. But doubt it will happen. Looking at the outs so far. Hugo going, winks going Moura gone Lenglet loan over Danjuma loan over Sanchez accepting time is up So thats 5 spots already freed up from squad. We've filled 2 of this spots. So leaves 3 spots. Just have to hope...
  19. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: Manor Solomon

    They publicly threatened to sue us if we tried to sign him and then 2 weeks later we announce a friendly with the proceeds going to them and a donation as well. Sounds like we are paying a small 'transfer fee'. At least levy is trying to build relations with clubs. Maybe the penny has finally...
  20. Chirpystheman

    Player Watch Player Watch: James Maddison

    I keep seeing Alex scott mentioned have we had any ITK on him or anything to suggest we are after him. I've seen him saying he's a spurs fan and his best mate is Devine but other than that can't fathom why people keep talking about us signing him.