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  1. OneHotspur1988

    Aldershot Spurs

    Aldershot has a direct train to waterloo, or you can go via guildford.
  2. OneHotspur1988

    Football fan abuse thread

    It's unclear, but you couldn't prosecute 30,000 singing about sol campbell being gay with 'hate speech', that would never work, you'd never get that cleared by CPS. They'd probably go for the clubs and try and fine them under some weird, hate group breeding ground law.
  3. OneHotspur1988

    Match Threads Norwich vs Spurs - Match Thread

    This game is unbelievable
  4. OneHotspur1988

    Match Threads Norwich vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Watching us play out from the back makes my sphincter pucker up like a crabs bum hole. We're just over complicating the basics.
  5. OneHotspur1988

    Jose Mourinho appointed new Head Coach

    Dude wins things, and we're always on the edge of glory, hopefully this should be the final push
  6. OneHotspur1988

    Mauricio Pochettino sacked by Tottenham

    Let's be honest, we were peobably going to get relegated at this rate, still sucks though
  7. OneHotspur1988

    Match Threads Spurs vs Crvena Zvezda - Match Thread

    Nothing but blind Faith that we're going to smash this lot and then go on a 30game win streak to win the league
  8. OneHotspur1988

    Match Threads Spurs vs Villa - Match Thread

    absolute route 1, pathetic
  9. OneHotspur1988

    Huddersfield vs Tottenham: T'match Thread

    These boys are going to be on the end of a thumping today
  10. OneHotspur1988

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Leicester City

    Didn't Woy take Fulham to the EL final? Surely he can get Leicester out the championship or at the very least, a johnstone's paint trophy.
  11. OneHotspur1988

    Tottenham Vs Swansea: Match Thread

    Harry Kane 3-0
  12. OneHotspur1988

    Tottenham Vs Swansea: Match Thread

    Sons goal
  13. OneHotspur1988

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    Shows what kind of club they are; Tony Carr to receive £14,000 redundancy payment from West Ham despite 43 years of service... and earning club £50m profit...
  14. OneHotspur1988

    Ched Evans Jailed...

    I fear he may be in for a season of absolute abuse, top bants lads.
  15. OneHotspur1988

    Retained and Released

    We only released 1 player at the end of the season, Sonupe, Emmanuel Olukolade
  16. OneHotspur1988

    2016/17 Kit

    The chocolate and gold third was my favourite, sadly I got Bentley on the back o mine :/
  17. OneHotspur1988

    Best Football Twitter Accounts to Follow

    If you want stats and facts, the Opta guys have loads of accounts covering all leagues.
  18. OneHotspur1988

    Mata vs Willian

    Mata is a curious one, he actually scores quite a lot of goals. He does however remind me of Berbatov, looks like he couldn't really give a shit and then does something magical. Sadly he seems to have lost the magic in the last year, so he's just left looking shit.
  19. OneHotspur1988

    Mata vs Willian

    I'm inclined to agree. I thought Mata was like 32 but he's the same age as me!
  20. OneHotspur1988

    Mata vs Willian

    With the news that Jose wants to blast 60million on Willian being in the news, the discussion came up at work about who was better Mata or Willian. One of the plastic Man U fans was ranting about Willian being better but from the stats, Mata is performing much more consistently. So, SC who do...