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  1. dace

    Sin-bin trial plan recommended for professional games

    Going to create more stoppages and ruin the game even more than VAR is ruining it, games will be even more stop start and extra time will be crazy .. just my take on it !
  2. dace

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    My take on the three losses and Ange. I had almost stopped watching Spurs under Conte, actually I really only looked at the results, could not stand watching the team play, it was for me soul destroying. Onto the three losses, I am again getting engaged with the team, they are playing in a way...
  3. dace

    Player Watch: Bryan Gil

    I am looking forward to seeing him tbh, he has quite a chance to establish himself with our injuries.
  4. dace

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    Feel for the fans that went last night, they deserved a little more, imo.
  5. dace

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 10th August

    What am I reading here? Not ITK in any sort, more an Accountants dream. Think A&C will be swinging that stick soon !
  6. dace

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football MegaThread

    Sir Goals-a-Lot has joined both !
  7. dace

    Harry Kane

    May not be the best idea, perhaps get some Pheasants instead ?
  8. dace

    Harry Kane

    Acceptance. I have made my peace with Kane going, staying, extending, playing for one last year and leaving. Am more pleased to have the non Conte football with Ange rather than who is playing for us. Support Spurs and the players when they are with us, when they move I let them go. Roll on the...
  9. dace

    Joe Lewis and insider trading

    He will spend more on his defence than on ours !
  10. dace

    Harry Kane

    I find it strange there are not more clubs clamouring for Kane, if he has made it clear he wants out and THFC do not want him leaving on a free then his agent(s) will have briefed other clubs (agents). Also two years ago Man City did not (apparently) put in a serous bid but they did buy...
  11. dace

    The Golf Thread

    I thought he thoroughly deserved the victory. Stuck to his gameplan and held the nerves at bay. Good win.
  12. dace

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 15th July

    This is the ITK thread why is anyone discussing Levy or the players we still have??
  13. dace

    Player Watch - Tanguy Ndombele

    It will be very interesting if Ange gets a tune out of Ndombele and at the end of the season we offer him another contract after him playing quite a bit of this contract elsewhere. If he does get an offer he will have played well for us which is a bonus but it will be interesting non the less.
  14. dace

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football MegaThread

    Thank you.
  15. dace

    Spurs Community Fantasy Football MegaThread

    Complete and total noob here, how/where do I set up a team and are there rules. (Have looked through the post and did not see any where to point me in some direction) Thanks
  16. dace

    Player Watch Player Watch: James Maddison

    WOW, kind of shows our defence was a tad suspect last season.
  17. dace

    Harry Kane

    Have made my peace with the fact that Kane will leave at sometime in the future, it may be this year or next or even in 4/5 years. He is (atm) my favourite player and has been for years now. However the club is bigger than the player and we have moved on from other superstars like Gazza. He may...
  18. dace

    Harry Kane

    Can Kane buy himself out of his last years contract ?
  19. dace

    Player Watch Player Watch: Richarlison

    IMHO we need to stop saying he will be all right next season, surely we need players who are good in whatever this season may be, not one sometime in the future. All we are doing is hamstringing ourselves yet again.