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  1. Japhet

    Tottenham Will Sell Emerson Royal, KWP could replace him

    Improving on a player (Emerson) who's likely being sold because he doesn't fit the system isn't much of a statement. We need somebody in who will really push Porro, and that goes for all positions. That's how you build an elite squad.
  2. Japhet

    Tottenham Will Sell Emerson Royal, KWP could replace him

    KWP just seems like a box ticking exercise. HG, club trained, cheap buy back (?) etc. but doesn't improve us in any way.
  3. Japhet

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    We need to be buying in players who are better than what we already have, not ones who tick HG and squad depth boxes.
  4. Japhet

    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    He had a hamstring injury when we signed him and never got going at all. Even when he got chances he seemed to be holding back. Not his fault but he's been a dreadful signing. Best of luck to him though.
  5. Japhet

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    I would have settled very happily for Europa League at the start of the season, so in my book we've done pretty well. As predicted by many, we did play gung ho football, we did make a lot of mistakes but we also scored a lot in a season where we lost the best striker of the lot. If there's any...
  6. Japhet


    Clean sheets and a clean up team needed at the Emirates. Should be our equivalent of St. Totteringham's day.
  7. Japhet

    Archie Gray

    Archie Gray should be a very high priority signing for us. He'd get plenty of game time too with his versatility. Go big for him now Daniel. We also have a little bit of leverage with them undoubtedly wanting Rodon.
  8. Japhet

    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    The Battle of the Manbuns.
  9. Japhet

    Premier League clubs to vote on scrapping VAR

    The levels of media scrutiny are too high which leads to micro analysis and slow responses. If video footage wasn't available at the grounds or in TV studios there wouldn't be this continual striving for perfect outcomes and there wouldn't be endless reviews of contentious decisions, much like...
  10. Japhet

    Behind the scenes of Ange Postecoglou's rage and what Mikey Moore did that was so exciting

    He's had a lot more to get angry about in recent weeks than some fans grabbing any old bit of positive by taking the piss out of the Gooners who never resist an opportunity to do the same to us. Never saw any sign of it when we put together a run of dreadful performances.
  11. Japhet

    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man City

    Romero was really poor for their first goal. Should have cleaned Foden out on the 50/50 challenge and then ran past Haarland as the cross was about to come him, leaving him a tap in.
  12. Japhet

    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City

    No emotional pressure on this one. We win, I'm happy, we lose I'm OK with it.
  13. Japhet

    Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski

    We've got a few key players that are low on confidence at the moment. Kulu, Sarr, Maddison, Bissouma, Bentancur are all under performing, and their individual form affects everybody else. Johnson and Son are hardly pulling up trees either and that's a lot of players to have out of form at the...
  14. Japhet

    Player Watch Player Watch: Micky van de Ven

    Absolutely. Player of the season for me, closely followed by Romero. That's a bit bizarre considering how many goals we've shipped.
  15. Japhet

    Spurs vs Burnley team news

    Hoping they manage to dissolve the glue that has Gio LoCelso stuck so firmly to the bench. Only seems to come unstuck with 5 or less minutes to go.
  16. Japhet


    Stonings and public beheadings and mutilations? Nice day out for the family.
  17. Japhet

    Emerson Royal: Milan in talks with agents of €30m Tottenham defender

    'We'd like Emerson but we're a poor impoverished Italian club so we can only afford £25 and some old posters'.
  18. Japhet

    Who is our best #8?

    Briefly interrupted by that 'trequartista, regista, mezzala' guff that made the midfield positions sound like an Italian menu.
  19. Japhet

    Harry Kane

    Turned down a tricky black at Spurs and went for an easy yellow at Bayern. Then proceeded to miscue, rip the cloth and fire the cue ball into the umpires gonads.
  20. Japhet

    Team vs Burnley

    Vicario Emerson Romero VDV Porro Bentancur LoCelso Johnson Maddison Son Richarlison Skipp should be getting a start but just can't find a place for him. Early sub though if we're struggling. Maddison and Son are lucky to be in there on current form.