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  1. Snarfalicious

    The Summer 2024 scouting thread

    I have a feeling Joshua Zirkzee may be the striker we go for. Young, playing well in Italy, was at one point considered a pretty darn good prospect, and he just looks the part for me in this system. Works hard, likes to be involved, mobile, putting together some really well-rounded...
  2. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch: Bryan Gil

    Meh, I loved Lamela as much as the next guy, but I think most felt this was a savvy move, at the time. It just didn’t work out, it happens.
  3. Snarfalicious

    The Summer 2024 scouting thread

    The hell you are, get back to work. It’s not safe outside, and we need more content.
  4. Snarfalicious

    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    We rich yet?
  5. Snarfalicious

    The Summer 2024 scouting thread

    Is he pretty good at sniffing out danger?
  6. Snarfalicious

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    Through the power of love and friendship we shall prevail.
  7. Snarfalicious

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    We could lose the rest of our matches this season and I’d still be fully aboard the Ange Train.
  8. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch - Ashley Phillips

    Phillips has been really good, but did just give up an own goal. Him and Devine both kind of at fault for the 2 goals, both from corners. You can take the man out of Tottenham… Seriously, though, he looks like he could be a special player.
  9. Snarfalicious

    Next DoF

    The good news is the right guy exists and is readily available if you got the funds:
  10. Snarfalicious

    Albert Gudmundsson

    Watched a few minutes of this fella, and I came away most impressed by his neck. It’s quite long.
  11. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Manor Solomon

    Probably going to be looking at a loan in the summer. Either get some fitness back and return at the end of it ready to compete, or sell. I know we got him on a free but it probably makes more sense give him an opportunity to try and get his value back up before making any final decisions.
  12. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    I do the exact same thing in the bedroom. Now I just need to find a partner.
  13. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Micky van de Ven

    see you next season my Dutch Prince
  14. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Micky van de Ven

    It is rooted in the myth of Achilles that when his mother dipped him in the River Styx, his entire body was made invulnerable except for the part of his foot hamstring where she held him.
  15. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Lucas Bergvall

    It’s at the point now where if he’s not like prime Eriksen, Modric and Dembele all rolled into one I’ll be disappointed.
  16. Snarfalicious

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    Over here on Planet Earth, when thinking about hopefully finishing 4th, losing McGinn for 3 matches (West Ham, Wolves and Man City) after already losing Kamara to injury feels significant and in a good way for us.
  17. Snarfalicious

    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    Somewhere, on a beach, James Bond gets a call… he answers the phone. “007, you are needed.”
  18. Snarfalicious

    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    Will continue to root for him and hopefully the club is taking a holistic approach when it comes to his recovery. That post by him really says it all, it just has to be so disheartening for him.
  19. Snarfalicious

    Manager Watch: Ange Postecoglou

    Ange, from basically anyone’s account that is anywhere near the club, has been a positive influence and is making serious headway in turning the club around. Is it absolutely outside of some folks’ understanding that maybe his first order of business is getting the psychological structure of...