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  1. Singayid

    Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski

    It’s you crying sissy not me 😭
  2. Singayid

    Pre-Season 2023/24

    ya fuckin'right :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  3. Singayid

    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    I thought the stadium beer was reasonable when I got charged 7.20 for Guiness in the heart of Yorkshire and 6.20 for Neck Oil in Bristol last week
  4. Singayid

    First time at NWHL - travel questions

    thanks for the advice @ukdy - never thought about absence of trains cos it's NY day ?
  5. Singayid

    First time at NWHL - travel questions

    So I’ve managed to get two tickets in the south stand for New Year’s Day fixture against Villa. First time at the new stadium. Previously I parked at Waltham Cross & took train in but this time I’m driving from South Wales. So what’s best - train in from WC as before or maybe Reading or...
  6. Singayid

    Tottenham Squad 2022/23

    Wanke ruined the joke ?
  7. Singayid

    Tottenham Squad 2022/23

    Nah wanke for not translating
  8. Singayid

    Nicolò Zaniolo

    If you take his knees out the equation he won’t be fkin playing ?
  9. Singayid

    Player Watch Player Watch: Destiny Udogie

    ? @dirtyh same wavelength with these dirty ****s ?
  10. Singayid

    Player Watch - Djed Spence - Genoa

    12.5 million plus add on‘s to 20 million = one PL appearance to Gibbo??? ?
  11. Singayid

    Player Watch - Djed Spence - Genoa

    Isn’t that Michael bridges grandfather???
  12. Singayid

    Player Watch - Djed Spence - Genoa

    Which Irish player is that we’re chasing ?
  13. Singayid

    Player Watch: Clément Lenglet

    Who the hell is Tangana?? ? journo’s
  14. Singayid

    "SpursPlay" Club Streaming Service

    not a ST holder but will probably sign up for this. I've seen some of the advertising but can someone tell me what live games are going to be available apart from pre-season friendles? thanks muchly
  15. Singayid

    Player Watch - Tanguy Ndombele

    Every time I see this thread bumped I think we’ve got transfer news. Thanks for nothing ****s ?
  16. Singayid

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 22nd June 2022

    I didn’t understand any of that. Are u drunk again?? ???
  17. Singayid

    Player Watch Player Watch: Cristian Romero

    Nah I'd put him ahead of Lo Celso :whistle:
  18. Singayid

    Player Watch Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    most male species have a couple of eggs but gonna be f'kin painful (n)
  19. Singayid

    Player Watch Player Watch: Ben Davies

    You’re right to a certain extent but it’s up to the incoming players to prove they’re worthy of replacing our current back 3 but we still need better depth even if they cannot replace immediately
  20. Singayid

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Arsenal

    you OWN a f'kin red jumper?????????????:facepalm: