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  1. Hoopspur

    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    So have I, and in my ears, back, arse crack and nose…but my DL cut may well be remarkably be similar…
  2. Hoopspur

    Player Watch - Japhet Tanganga

    A comment from someone who’s football intelligence itself is questionable. Please expand your point oh great fountain of knowledge. Why is Japhet Tanganga (a professional footballer) at a top club not likely to make it? Age, attributes, etc etc? You got inside knowledge or is it a hunch? Am I...
  3. Hoopspur

    Concerts at the New Stadium

    Lucky Man….
  4. Hoopspur

    Player Watch Player Watch: Alejo Véliz

    I know, I know but there is a thread/subject on this possibility on Reddit from a couple of weeks ago. Google is your friend (enemy)
  5. Hoopspur

    Player Watch Player Watch: Alejo Véliz

    Dithering between the Corned Beef and Chimichurri?
  6. Hoopspur

    Plymouth loan for Phillips

    He started today and the score is currently 1-1. Playing in a 3 man defence and has been booked.
  7. Hoopspur

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    Be careful with one of them. You will be arrested especially as we refer to Chelsea as one of them. (y)
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Ben Davies

    All the 'traditional' teams have a player such as BD. Someone who is the club but goes on upraised (is that a word?). I'm so pleased he is here, sometimes in the background, at Spurs and can be called upon in times of crisis. Ange I think sees that also and he has been a Captain also in the...
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    I've been doing the same, but I've now looked again at the mailer sent previously. I'm sure I'm going mad but I thought it said 11am but now it says 2pm. 15 minutes time will let us know....
  10. Hoopspur

    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Oh do see the humour- it was the phraseology used. Actually I quite liked the guy coming round with his bags of Percy Daltons(?) peanuts all those years ago. Then if you went to an away match at Goonerlsnd then he was there again.
  11. Hoopspur

    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    ‘fragrant rice and mini poppadoms’ 🤣 What has football, and here also become? Fuck the bovril and pies!! And we’re actually asking each other such questions. Prawn anyone? *and to be clear, I love a curry.
  12. Hoopspur

    Concerts at the New Stadium

    Bit of advice. One of my sons boss wants tickets for him/family for Pink - God knows why but he has kids! There is an advance sale for ST holders. Can I buy tickets for this if I have 5 ST's that I can use? 1 per ticket? If I buy them for them, are the electronic like football tickets and can...
  13. Hoopspur

    Match Threads Spurs vs Chelsea - Day 11

    They are hopefully fragile. Only a few of their players will have played at our place and if we are up for it - players and fans alike then I'm hoping they'll crumble. Time for us to put a major mark in the sand. No fear from us.
  14. Hoopspur

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 23/24

    Including us? I always thought that home game when Huth scored was a real turning point.
  15. Hoopspur

    Player Watch Player Watch: Destiny Udogie

    🤣 He will play the best team he is able to, from the outset - that he can afford to play. Whatever that may be.
  16. Hoopspur

    What the pundits & media are saying about us

    I'm happy to be going as far 'under the radar' as possible but these bloody pundits are now predicting us to do things like win games. I'm secretly still expecting it to go a little pear shaped. Tomorrow?
  17. Hoopspur

    The England Thread

    Of course I want the national team to do well but I honestly don’t give two hoots about GS. Certainly not in the way you suggest. I think the National Manager has to have the right balance of blandness - enough knowledge to make him as successful as possible and the ability to not upset most -...
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    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    You can't be sheerious Shirley.... Anyone who really thinks that....well. Note to myself, must not
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    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    I suppose we'll just have to put up with winning the league and a few domestic cups for a few years eh?
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    The England Thread

    It’s clear that Southgate will leave after the Euro’s and Ange will be asked after we win the league! 🤣