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  1. Dave1882

    Match Threads Spurs vs Arsenal

    Fuck them. We (the crowd) are going to 12th man them and watch their arses fall out yet again
  2. Dave1882

    Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner

    Shouldn’t sign. He’s so erratic and wasteful, that despite getting in good positions and making a few goals. The ones he miss, are far greater. Rather grind a player akin to Johnson to play on the left who can develop and actually finish a move
  3. Dave1882

    Dier or Dawson?

    Picking Daws doesn’t make Dier a poor player, both great servants. But Dawson was the more consistent and reliable player for me. Diers flexibility in where he could play, probably was also his Achilles heal
  4. Dave1882

    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs

    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass, don’t shoot, lose the ball, get it back, pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass. I wonder why we don’t win games like this
  5. Dave1882

    The England Thread

    Dunk isn’t international standard. Appreciate he’s only playing because of injuries, but he shouldn’t be anywhere near an England shirt
  6. Dave1882

    The England Thread

    You'd assume theres a committee between supplier and FA. I always think that home shirts should be sacrosanct at international and club level...away/training kits are where can play around a bit. Powers that be have mis-judged this one and certain media has predictably jumped on it. Storm in a...
  7. Dave1882

    The England Thread

    I consider myself a patriotic English man...what Nike and possibly the FA i think have mis-calculated. Is that top level sport is one of the few places its seems socially acceptable to be able to be proud of being English, with the kit/flag being the symbolism of that. The 'fun flag' could have...
  8. Dave1882

    Arsenal Brilliant headline to the story, which actually has no relevance or mention within the report itself
  9. Dave1882

    Match Threads Fulham vs Spurs

    Can’t believe how off it we are last week, after the highs of last week. Doesn’t look like we’re gonna be able to get a foothold on this one now
  10. Dave1882

    Match Threads Aston Villa vs Spurs

    Prick should be off. Should have been off already
  11. Dave1882

    Match Threads Aston Villa vs Spurs

  12. Dave1882

    Match Threads Aston Villa vs Spurs

    Giving away so many cross field balls in middle of the park. Getting bailed out by good recovery tackles and Villa being wasteful. Need to cut it out asap
  13. Dave1882

    One Hotspur + on sale time for tickets

    6% rise for me, I can accept. Costs have risen, they want to keep income from tickets stable. Ok, so be it. Every company does the same But the cut to pensioner discount, after a lifetime of support is abhorrent. My Dads been going since late 60’s and this is the thanks he gets for the years of...
  14. Dave1882

    Player Watch Player Watch: Brennan Johnson

    Showed a tenacity today that been wanting to see all season. At the moment he’s an impact player off the bench and not a starter, but he has all the traits of can consistently put them together
  15. Dave1882

    Famous Spurs Fans!

    Really wish we could start signing 3 little birds. Chavs singing it, Ajax sing it. We have an actual link to him too Palace singing glad all over (and city use it too) when Dave Clark 5 are a Tottenham band, makes no sense to me either. Should look to reclaim songs that are linked to us!!!
  16. Dave1882

    Player Watch Player Watch: Guglielmo Vicario

    People have realised he will only ever palm/punch crosses so are targeting standing on him now. Poor for both goals today, needs to be protected by defenders and be stronger to the challenges that will now happen every game
  17. Dave1882

    Player Watch Player Watch: Brennan Johnson

    Has all the attributes, it’s just about putting them together consistently. Can see all the talent, but he’s young and raw, seems the sort that wants to work hard and improve. I think he’ll do well here
  18. Dave1882

    Player Watch: Ivan Perisic

    I just don't see the benefit of a loan to us really Nothing against Perisic, i thought he was really good squad player at the start of this season. But loaning him means we've maxed out our loan quota. Realisitically Split aren't gonna cover more than 10-20k of his 200k a week. If he wants to go...
  19. Dave1882

    Player Watch Player Watch: Richarlison

    Worked his nuts off and lead from the front. Well done Richi, keep it up
  20. Dave1882

    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man Utd

    As much as Bentacour ran the game. I thought Richi was superb and worked his nuts off, so went for him