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  1. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Day 14

    I can see this being a fantastic game for the neutral. Loads of chances and probably a lot of goals. Personally though I will just be hoping for another positive attacking performance.
  2. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Player Watch Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    I remember we were all super excited when we signed him and a lot of people preferred him over Bruno Fernandes (who if I recall we were also in for at the time). For me he's a bit like Erik Lamela in that I really really want him to do well; I think there's a cracking player in there but for...
  3. Monkey Bastard Hands

    2023/24 - The Race For..................

    I think this is going to be a fascinating season for all of the reasons outlined so far. It's hard to predict what might happen but in my view it's almost certain that City will win again. Here is a list of some things what I think will make things interesting: 1. We have no europe. This is...
  4. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Harry Kane

    If this ultimatum is accurate then I think it's the best thing to do in the interests of the club. If he's in (and we all hope he's in) he signs a new contract and helps us in the new Ange era. If he's out, the club gets the most we possibly can which we can then invest in the squad. We know...
  5. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Pre-Season 2023/24

    For all we know Ange has asked for or endorsed their involvement. Based on the interviews we've seen so far Ange really wants to focus on team spirit and has made efforts to get to know everyone in the club and this will of course include members of the board. If one thing has been apparent...
  6. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Does anyone know if you can get Spurs cycling jerseys?

    I forgot I ever made this thread. I never found one nor did I design one, my enthusiasm obviously waned!
  7. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Pre-Season 2023/24

    I have lived in Singapore for 10 years and whilst i'd love to have seen a competitive match, i'm just happy to be able to watch Spurs here! Lion City Sailors are one of the better teams in the local league and won the title in 2021. That said - the standard is still very low, i'd probably say...
  8. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Spurs in Singapore

    Roma have pulled out of the game so we are now scheduled to play local team Lion City Sailors. A shame as this won’t be a competitive game now, but it’ll still be a good run out to further learn Ange’s tactics.
  9. Monkey Bastard Hands

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The hold you up by the ankles and shake edition

    sorry - this stupid fucking country I live in (Singapore) doesn’t allow me to donate due to ‘regulations’. I suspect it’s because they want to tax me but can’t so they won’t even let me donate. is there another way? Bank transfer?
  10. Monkey Bastard Hands

    New Nike Kits 23-24

    I like a collar as it lets me adhere to the office casual Friday dress code.
  11. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Next Manager Watch

    I’m all in on Ange. Firstly because he seems like a decent genuine bloke and I think he’ll help rebuild the connection between the fans and the club which has been left in tatters thanks to the shambolic decision by the board over the last few years. Secondly because it seems like he plays a...
  12. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Next Manager Watch

    It's the hope that kills you. And I should know better by now - this is just how it is being a Spurs fan. Forget Audere Est Facere. Our motto should just be "Perpetual Disappointment".
  13. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Match Threads Leeds Vs Tottenham

    I will do my usual thing of getting my hopes up in the lead up to the game, see the lineup and believe that there is a chance we might get a win, only to remember when the game starts that we are shit. Leeds have everything to play for; they are fighting for survival. We have Europe's third...
  14. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Next Manager Watch

    If the JN reports are true then this is heading to a predictable scenario where he eventually turns us down, by which time we’ve pissed Slot off by messing him around for too long and we end up with Rogers. Donna’s plan all along perhaps?
  15. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Next Manager Watch

    I'm not actually that bothered if JN doesn't become our next manager; he's still young and we'll be looking for another coach in 2-3 years anyway when the next appointment fails. What annoys me the most is the bullshit coming out of the club, treating the fans like idiots and showing yet again...
  16. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Julian Nagelsmann ready for talks with Tottenham over manager role

    Nagelsmann has been my preferred candidate for the job but I’m not really keen on someone who is ‘prepared to re-open negotiations’; it sounds like he’s doing us a favour like Jose and Conte did. We need someone who wants to be here, who is ready to understand what the club is all about and get...
  17. Monkey Bastard Hands

    This Week’s Manager Watch: Ryan Mason

    Couldn’t agree more. Mason should have been put in charge when Conte got sacked, not necessarily because he’s going to suddenly change our form and lead us on to a 10 game winning streak but because he’s actually someone who knows the club, has passion for the club and can do a much better job...
  18. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Let's all laugh at Tottenham Hotspur thread

    This thread makes me miss Spurs Man Chris.
  19. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Match Threads Newcastle Vs Spurs

    What hurts more than this result is that I (and countless others) genuinely don’t give a shit anymore. The last 4 years has drained all of my passion for this club. When we’d had these results in the past there was always a strong emotional response but today I have nothing, just a feeling of...
  20. Monkey Bastard Hands

    Match Threads Spurs Vs Brighton

    Question: Did we change formation after Stellini got sent off and Mason took over? Did Mason stamp some authority and mix things up more so than Conte or Stellini ever have done?