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  1. Bronno

    Premier League 2019–?

    What's his name - the commentator - who just said "any port in a storm for Burnley" when Vydra scored?
  2. Bronno

    Andros Townsend: I regret the way I left Spurs

    As others have said, great read, thanks.
  3. Bronno

    The Diamond

    Bright like dogs bright...
  4. Bronno

    Euro 2016 Day 2 - Alb v Swi, Wal v Slo & Eng v Rus

    Great first half from Walker. Linking so well with lallana.
  5. Bronno

    Tottenham Vs Fulham: Match Thread

    Ich bin ein Municher
  6. Bronno

    Tottenham Vs Wigan: Match Thread

    What happened to Rafa? I was downstairs turning my sausages.
  7. Bronno

    Harry - trial begins

    I haven't really been paying much attention to this case, but surely everything hinges on whether the prosecution can convince the jury that Harry intended to deceive HMRC. They'll throw a lot of mud, most of it irrelevant, simply to foster doubt as to Harry's character in the minds of the...
  8. Bronno

    Alan Pardew

    I remember there were also rumours concerning his Southampton exit, and doing a quick search I even found a thread on the old.spurscommunity site (soon to become the oldold.spurscommunity site) concerning a chap claiming his marriage was ruined by him. Incidentally I've just typed in "Alan...
  9. Bronno

    Neil Warnock sacked by QPR

    He would probably still have a job if he hadn't got them promoted.
  10. Bronno

    Will Daws just slot back in?

    For me it was a close call between the two, and I had Dawson just ahead. But Gomes did have a fantastic season.
  11. Bronno

    Will Daws just slot back in?

    Poor old Daws, player of the season when we qualified for the Champions league, now he's considered equal to Bassong! Maybe he'll remind us all how good he can be as a player and a leader.
  12. Bronno

    Suarez accused of racist abuse

    The theory that they were Man U fans (Or even newspaper reporters dressed as Liverpool fans to create a story) received a lot of support last night on various Liverpool forums. The consensus seemed to be that it was the most likely explanation.
  13. Bronno

    Barmby retires

    I remember him saying that he couldn't turn down the opportunity to work under Bryan Robson, or something along those lines.
  14. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Kaboul must have money on himself scoring. Been one of our best attackers this game.
  15. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Dowd's fat arse almost set Swansea up.
  16. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Kaboul has been excellent.
  17. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    They had the long range effort early on that Brad stretched for, but he didn't look uncomfortable getting to it. As dvdhopeful said, aside from that, for all their possession, they really haven't threatened.
  18. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    :lol: Cheers
  19. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    It's got to be the stream surely!
  20. Bronno

    Swansea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Is that bell noise that occasionally rings, in the stadium or just on my stream?