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    Harry Kane

    True, but the devil in me finds it VERY funny he left for guaranteed silverware and is very likely to end the season empty handed. I am a small, petty, bitter man - I know, but the longer he goes without a trophy the funnier I find it and well worth losing out on a few million quid
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    Dele Alli at Everton

    Why on Earth would he return to us???? The whole point of the deal was to free up wages and a squad place from a player that had little to no chance of ever returning to the first team The deal was hedged in the highly unlikely event he found form and fitness again. It's pretty much turned...
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    Radu Dragusin’s agent complaining already

    Players agent does his job shocker!
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    Hugo Lloris netted a £2million golden handshake by Daniel Levy for the remainder of his contract

    Good. The club saved money. Hugo got his move. And we treated an honourable servant of the club with decency and respect.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    I'm sure you've said it repeatedly in this thread: It's not that they don't have saleable assets, it's that clubs with the money to pay big fees are tight on FFP, and clubs that have wriggle room on FFP have no money to pay big fees! It's all well and good saying this player is worth this...
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    He was heavily involved in the INEOS deal wasn't he? Purely guessing, but maybe been poached by Ratcliffe at United?
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Lucas Bergvall

    Yep, true but it means that it doesn't have to be done today. If he's got to stay until the summer anyway there is no reason it MUST be done tonight. We can do it tomorrow and the deal would go through in June when the window reopens
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Lucas Bergvall

    If he doesn't turn 18 until tomorrow, we couldn't sign him this window anyway Post Brexit rules ban English clubs from signing players under 18 from overseas - it's why the Vuskovic deal means he won't join until next year. Explains why there is no urgency, we can do the deal at any time...
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    Antonio Nusa

    I remember years and years ago we had a kid called Terry Dixon who was insanely talented, everyone was convinced he would be a superstar - he was tearing it up in youth teams, Jol bought him in to train with the seniors, he was picked in the Ireland squad at 16. But, his knees were fucked. Even...
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    Tottenham Takeover Talk

    Levy doesn't own his share of the club personally, as per the clubs website: "Mr D Levy and certain members of his family are potential beneficiaries of discretionary trusts which ultimately own 29.88% of the share capital of ENIC."...
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    Antonio Nusa

    For exactly the same reason the likes of Bale and Dele rejected higher profile clubs to join us. They backed themselves to play week in week out, and they were proved right. Fact is, we are not an attractive club for up and coming players right now, hell, just look at the number of our own...
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    Financial Fair Play (general thread)

    Amatuers! They didn't make a flag. They should have made a flag. Liverpool would have made a flag....
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

    Not sure what else he can say really, Can't exactly say "Can't talk, we're off viewing mansions in Hertfordshire" Until everything is signed, he is a Genoa player. His comments just read as respectful to me: He's not interested in chasing money. He's happy at Genoa. He's not pushing for a move...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    I dont get this logic, Espanyol was his team. He spent pretty much his entire career with them, so it's pretty obvious why he feels a loyalty to them so that he wouldn't join their fiercest rivals. We are just a club he managed. Sure, I hope he feels an affinity to us but he doesn't owe us the...
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 23/24

    Its not clear, but I think he means Newcastle
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    Winter Transfer Window Scouting Thread 23/24

    We've spent £250m so far this season, £180m last season, £95m season before, £110m before that, £150m before that.... 3 quarters of a billion pounds spent in the last 5 seasons. THAT is where the money has gone. The issue isn't that we don't spend, the issue is until Paratici came in we spent...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Chelsea - Day 11

    As newly (self) appointed secretary of said honourable society I have tallied the votes: It's a draw.....
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    Winter Transfer Window Scouting Thread 23/24

    Is that not exactly what people said about Harry for years? If he is happy where he is: he is playing regularly, he is loved by the fans, he'll be well paid, fair play to him if he stays loyal to them. I don't think it would be daft for him to stay, any more than I think Kane was daft for...
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    I hope we release a statement about the Pedro Mendes goal at Old Trafford! It's been nearly 20 years and I'm STILL salty about it!
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    Tottenham can sign Europe's deadliest striker right now for £15m

    Its not just 15 mill though is it, its a squad place and wages. If he turns out to be a dud, he just joins the long list of players who we aren't good enough but we can't shift. Lloris, Ndombele, Dier I'm sure we would be happy to let go on a free, but no way in hell will they leave unless...