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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    That Leibzig fans comment 'Lets cause a Brexit' is pretty funny! Could have been worse for both clubs, will be good!
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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Erling already well on his way to beating it - 7 in 4 Although he'll be bought buy Real or Juve and vanish long before he gets near 20.
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    The Race for the Title 2019/20

    A draw would be probably the ideal scenario; stops Liverpools 11 game winning streak and limits Arsenal. Would however give a lot of confidence to Arsenal. In some ways a routine 3-1 win for Liverpool would leave Arsenal feeling a bit meek ahead of NLD. Would like to think we'll smash...
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Ok so Leicester won the league, which can't be taken away. But they really failed to capitalise on it, just slowly sold all of their best assets. Don't get me wrong, what happened regarding their owner was a tragedy, but feel the point remains.
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    Player watch: Danny Rose

    Is it possible given Danny's numerous flurries into the Uk press about mental health that he has gone to the club and asked them to let him leave if he can find the right deal. Maybe the club have been considerate to this end, hence leaving him out of a Shanghai trip. Maybe there is no break...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 9th June 2019

    50% of the time, it works every time!
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    The Formula 1 Thread

    Think some of you are mad. Take Hamilton's point that Vettel shouldn't return onto the racing line. 1) He wasn't in control of the car, not his fault 2) Certain corners have markers that dictate you must drive around them in order to return safely - this one doesn't. 2a) Further to this, Le...
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    SC Transfer Competition - Call It Now

    Toby Alderweireld - Man Utd Gareth Bale - Man Utd David Brooks - Bournemouth Philippe Coutinho - Bayern Mathias De Light - Barcelona Paulo Dybala - Athletic Madrid Christian Eriksen - Tottenham Nabil Fekir - Lyon Joao Felix - Benfica Andre Gomes - Everton Callum Hudson-Odoi - Chelsea Kalidou...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 16th May 2019

    AWB as many have said would be the answer for a decade.
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    Philippe Coutinho

    Don't see it happening BUT this would be the perfect Eriksen replacement. He's got a great shot, excellent passer, prem experience, and would boil levels of piss.
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    CL Final where will you be watching it

    In the usual bar in Paignton ... don't really like the bar but it's our 'lucky pub' (i know, i know, football cliches)
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    Live Screening of UCL Final Announced

    Thanks for replies, i suppose yeah, the guest sale is an unknown for allocation of 'guest' tickets. To be expected though as this is a one-off event in a brand new stadium.
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    Live Screening of UCL Final Announced

    Can anyone explain the difference. Surely a GUEST SALE means a member can buy multiple tickets for people without memberships, whereas GENERAL SALE is literally anybody buying a ticket. Some people on here seem to be getting needlessly worked up when, as long as you have a membership, you can...
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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    It sounded a lot like an invite to be his mascot to me.