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    Has anyone received their Juve tickets yet? Just wondering what point to contact the club if I don't receive them.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Marcus Edwards

    Man U
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    Ideal final standings

    Us definitely 1st or 2nd, but if 2nd then Chelsea to win the FA Cup. That way we get a shot at the charity shield o_O
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    2016-2017 membership packs

    Got mine this morning. Was like Christmas morning.
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    2016-2017 membership packs

    Still haven't received mine yet. Hopefully my postie hasn't stolen my it.
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    Marcus Edwards signs extension

    Its done, got word from the source ;)
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    Pochettino says everyone prefers Leicester to Spurs

    The only hope I have for that game is that it could be Terry's last prem game. Surely he wouldn't want to say farewell with a loss.
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    Marcus Edwards leaving rumour?

    He's been with us since he was a kid and wants to go all the way with us. Very, very ambitious (and rightly so) wants to be playing at a level higher than the present and gets frustrated when overlooked. The main thing for him is he wants to be playing football at a level that is challenging...
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    Marcus Edwards leaving rumour?

    Know his Dad really well
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    Marcus Edwards leaving rumour?

    Marcus is going nowhere, wants to make his debut at spurs.
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    PLAYER WATCH: DeAndre Yedlin

    I say keep should keep Naughton for the rest of the season. Get Yedlin back in Jan and loan him to an EPL team, that way he can get used to the league and the country before even kicking a ball for us.
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    About bloody time. King Testimonial

    Who did he pick for his best XI?
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    Good 8 weeks, Bad 8 weeks

    Great read as per usual, spot on with Lennon and Vertonghen
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    OK, own up...

    Maybe its the Texaco logo?