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  • i have an unusually high number of profile views, so please feel free to tell me why you're here.. :)
    neg repped me for saying that losing to balckpool was a piss poor performance and that they are hardworking but of low quality by our standards? come on mate ..thts harsh ..
    are you sure that any of the other top 4 wouldnt consider that a piss poor result ?
    how many of the blackpool team would get in our side ? 1 - 2 at most .
    Making up Bullshit? Of course mate, thats exactly what i get off on. Mug!
    All I do is relay what I have been told. Either way, I know the truth and you're none the wiser till the facts are announced, but I'd appreciate a little less stabbing insults in the dark, if thats all the same to you.

    In the mean time, enjoy the darkness and ignore in silence!
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