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    Match Threads Leyton Orient vs Spurs - 3rd Round Carabao Cup

    My guess is the Match is off imagine the lawsuit if Orient cliaimed it was safe we played the game in good faith and our squad season was wiped out with covid
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    Match Threads Leyton Orient vs Spurs - 3rd Round Carabao Cup

    Any other team in the country and you would be right, but we have a history with them as our true neighbours and as a great club This could well send them under, they will need all the help they can get to survive, 100k is honestly neither here nor there for us but could help them enormously...
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    More serious reply to the above than my earlier one:- Its is actually astonishing, how bad the squad had gotten. What is incredible is the amount of players we are getting in if the ITK is to be believed. In 2 windows Bergwyn Lo Celso (permanent) Fernandes Hart HG Hojbjerg...
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    Last week ? Our Squad under Graham? A&C ...Its ok ...U can break cover ......after he signs the evil empire will be defeated....that breadcrumb trail that you left as the founder of the BSODL was never found.... The bald midget has this in his grasp unless we get .......the last Bond movie...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The ITK makes me moist edition 16th September

    Yeah But he's got the lead on "Buy Another Day" and its sequel "Buy Another Way"
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    Thats all well and good but we have been the bookies favourites for about 4/5 days
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    I have just realised the season this year is 20/21! that Just me or with Mourinho Kane Son and the rest of our squad, IMHO if we got Bale we could even be in with a chance of something in a year ending with a 1
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    If you believe that we (or someone else) can pick up Bale at no fee to real madrid and half his salary.......The only unknown is the COVID effect on the football economy Bale will divide opinion, that's a given Imagine you are sitting having a chat with him and you are talking about the...
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    Spurs Amazon Documentary?

    I honestly think he will sort us out, if he get the last few pieces of his jigsaw for this season, then, I think he can smash it out the park. I have really warmed to him having watched that! Kept looking for A&C diddling Levys Secretary.....Not in the first 3 episodes....maybe Later?
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    All ITK need a huge dollop of salt. There is ITK on both sides...The reality is there are only 3 sets of people in the world who need to agree or disagree on this . Bale and his family, THFC and RM. Indications are on spectrum of likelihood. At one end Bale is staying at Madrid,Not playing BUT...
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    Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    According to transfermarkt Value = €31m Sabitzer Contract expires: 30.06.2022
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    FA Cup 19/20

    Am I alone in thinking that The arsenal winning so many trophies in the last few years just proves, that in order to win a trophy you do not have to have a good side you just need to be lucky.. They are lucky, they have won a trophy that has become 3rd rate a few times in the last...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    I think we should appeal the ban an push it out to next season...