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  • I'd love to know why I got a 'doh' rating haha. Anyway, returned the favor in case you were wondering.
    wow 2 neg reps in 24hr's, you must really cherish your position as the number one cocksucker on SC, go you, I'm sure your Mum and Stepdad are very proud of you
    you are very easy to wind up aren't you?
    Yep Bristol is always full of Rugger buggers.
    You probably want one of the pubs at the top of Whiteladies Rd.
    There used to be a brilliant massive pub at the top with loads of screens, but it keeps changing names and whether its a sports pub or not.
    Bristol tricky...
    Depends where you live I suppose.
    Seem to be too many Cavski fans and Arse Wipes wherever you go and you can move for ManU fans.
    N Bristol: Gloucs Rd; Scream pub, The Anchor and Sportsman (Neville Rd)
    My local is a dive with a big screen and a few Spurs fans on 2 Mile Hill.
    Sports Cafe is now closed in centre.
    Perhaps we should try and find a decent pub when a live game is on.

    Are you studying here?
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