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    It will make you sick but it's due to the anniversary of the 'invincibles' season
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    Ali Gold's latest video

    I'm guessing he says nothing groundbreaking or we'd have heard about it. Unless noone cba to actually watch it like me
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    Bundesliga 19/20

    How come Sancho isn't starting again? He's not started a match since the resumption.
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    If Chelsea have offered a 2 year extension, but he wants 3, then I very much doubt he'll get offered that by us at aged 31
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    They're doing 2 shirts for £30 on their OS in case anyone needs something to clean the car with, or can't find toilet roll
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    Sounds like any legal agreements re him talking about leaving have now expired
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    It would appear he has engaged in a criminal activity though. Just because he hasn't allegedly raped anyone doesn't mean its not a stupid thing to do, especially when he's been idiotic enough to have broken the law previously and seemingly not learnt from it.
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    Sporting Director Campos has apparently asked to be released from his consultancy contract with Lille.
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    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    The cause doesn't matter, but I'll bet there will be something drawn up for the future though
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    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    I've been wondering about the contracts. Surely the contract for TV monies is solely between the TV companies and the Premier League, and then it is up to the Premier League to distribute it to the clubs in accordance with their rules. I suspect there is no clause concerning clubs refunding the...
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    Premier League officially postponed until 17th of June

    I just still can't believe there was no emergency plan or policy in place across the Premier League and FA for a situation when a season cannot be finished, or is in danger of not being able to be finished. It just beggars belief
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    Featured Which is fairer? Coronavirus implications

    I can see that being a great ready made excuse for when someone gets his leg broken or elbowed in the face going up for a challenge. Oh sorry, I was told to look away when tackling...Fucking stupid desperate idea
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    And they're charging about £21 for it :D
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    Featured Which is fairer? Coronavirus implications

    The cynic in me isn't surprised another player from a club so vociferous about the end of the season has caught the virus
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    Spurs Amazon Documentary?

    It has to if starts when poch got sacked. Fuck all has really happened of any interest since