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  • Well you invited me at the time to remind you, so I'm doing so. My prediction that spurs wouldn't get out of the CL group stage wasn't so "absolutely pathetic" was it? It's clear to everybody that aren't members of the blue and white spectacle brigade that we are not good enough to compete in the CL.
    would of been a smiley if I was allowed to use 2 ratings. thanks for the short and sweet reply lol
    What has happened to ITK and Transfer Forums? They have disappeared from the list of forums on the front page.
    cranester is officially the worst poster I've seen on this site in 40 years! Fucking useless!!
    Is there any chance of being allowed back into the transfer forums Stoof please? I will make zero comments, just look.
    What's happened!?
    Anoying notification about Score every time I log in and the home page has changed.
    I used to log in to read the latest stories, now I get the latest comments and I can't find the latest stories. It was simple before.
    Apologies Tony, we're currently experiencing some tremendous volumes of traffic. As such we have had to turn off some of the site's features, including the front page. Please do check out our forums where stories are routinely picked up and discussed. Please also be sure to visit our Transfer Rumours forum, where the majority of our tremendous volumes have headed! All the best, Stoofio
    Phew, as long as it'll be back that's cool.
    Any chance we can stop the notification thingy though.
    Pass on that one. Will speak to the boss.
    Dear Stoof, I don't see the ITK or Transfer forums anymore and I don't know why, can you please help me out.
    My fat thumbs just disliked your post, and as far as I can tell, I can't take it back on the mobile version :(

    My bad :-/
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