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    Kyle Walker

    £50 mill is now not enough with Alves confirmed as a PSG player. If they want KW then it starts at £65mill up front with add ins to £80mill. Best RB in the league to buy is at a premium and he is home grown too.
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    Ideal final standings

    Ideal standing is us first... but to play along on the basis of this season... 1. chavs 2. us 3. city 4. ManU 5. pool 6. goons City and manu can buy anyone they want so being outside of CL wont cause any different. Pool and goons become less attractive
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Donation Drive!

    I dont contribute much in terms of posts and opinions but I like this site so have donated £10 to the coffers! On another note, pleased Dele has signed a new long term improved contract... Well deserved.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 5th August 2015

    Ali Z: Just been told Ade and Villa can not agree terms, deal was agreed our end both his agent and him are money grabbers explains hold up in incomings as we save 100 k a week just by getting him of our books, this could go on and on.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 5th August 2015

    Not one of us fans can influence any transfer or point the club to what we need, Yes we can all debate it but why get worked up and frustrated about something which is entirely and completely out of your / our control? What the club do, they will do... or not do regardless of what we think...
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    The Daniel Levy thread

    not so sure... havent a clue if its down to him or whether it just circumstance what i do know is that the club are not in a position to compete with the top 5
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    Time to be excited

    I agree and feel pretty much the same. For me, I will support Tottenham Hotspur FC and will support any player who wears the shirt - that's it. No more getting attached to players or pipe dreams only to be let down.