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    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    You better be, otherwise..............
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    Simon Jordan: Levy is ‘as smart as paint’ for taking out £175m loan amid coronavirus pandemic

    Qualification for this loan is based on our corporate credit rating, and only THFC and Manure qualified. If I can find the original article I read I’ll post a link.
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    Yes it is, but could it only be one small part of a much larger plan/vision? I don't know, but I wouldn't rule it out, the mega rich will always control us peons. Freedom is never free, regardless of political thought or affiliation. Do you have a credit card, bank account, mortgage, car loan, job?
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    Very, very interesting read, great find 👍
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    He also included transfer fees in the sustainability comments. What will be interesting is how it will affect transfer fees, and of more interest to me, agents fees. This is a group that has been deadly silent since all the leagues were stopped.
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    Ossie was a genius, quick, tricky, and had a great football brain. Who would I compare him to? Well, Modric comes close, back in the day but in the current squad there isn't anyone. On other teams, I can't think of anyone, either. Ossie really was unique, such a skillful, graceful player, and a...
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    The NFL Thread

    Once a thug, always a thug! Dumb, entitled pricks, I hope they get the longest possible sentences, they are supposed to be role models!
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    Bradford City Fire - 35 years ago

    I remember this like it was yesterday, the overwhelming feelings of horror at the speed of the fire, the helplessness, and deep sorrow for all the souls trapped without a chance. Sad time indeed 😢
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    Shit, I hope this is BS, because if he joins us I'm done, and I'm a 4th gen Spurs fan, my 22 year old daughter is, of course 5th gen. I will lose all respect for the club I love!
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    Bale still a Spurs fan

    Click-bait and boring.
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    The NFL Thread

    They just got totally Butt F****d, what the hell was Bill O'Brien thinking! I hope he doesn't lose his job over this because we may want more players from him! The fact that we just got ALL of David Johnson's salary off the books just makes it all the sweeter, and only giving up 2nd round pick...
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    The Troy Parrott Sketch

    My mistake, it was with @danielneeds. Memory is not what it used to be..........:(
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    The Troy Parrott Sketch

    I don't agree with some of what you write, probably the because og the inflection rather than content, but what you say here is on the money. Earlier in the thread I had a brief debate with @Dillspur about how young Mr. Parrott needs to be a professional in how he conducts himself, something...