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    The Weekend ITK Discussion Thread - 25/26 August 2012

    Was just looking at Niang's wiki page and noticed his father got involved with the signing of his contract with Caen. Most likely the old african gentleman next to him in the picture (if it is him of course).
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    Steed Malbranque retires...

    Gutted to hear this, best of luck Steed and Steed Jr.
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    Everton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Long time coming,fully deserved to be honest.
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    Tottenham Kids

    Bit intense for a U12 game. Polish fans are mad.
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    Bale named Wales' Player of the Year. Congrats, Gareth! :clap:
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    Tottenham Vs Arsenal: Match Thread

    Fuck sake, really don't like how we are playing.
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    Choose your Premier League player

    I was reading an article on about Andy Gray (bastard, i know) piecing together the perfect player, from the Premier League. Link shows the article and the image of who's best...
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    Bale vs Maicon

    Fap fap fap.
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    Glad for Milito. Well deserved.
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    We beat them 2-1 a couple of seasons ago in pre-season with Teemu Tainio scoring both goals i believe :lol:
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    Group G is very mouth-watering!
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    Of course Ars*nal get a piss easy group.
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    Oh shit. Werder and Inter!! Bring 'em on!!
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    The 5 O'clock Thread!

    Sneijder has been blessed to draw our name for the first time. :-D
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    A Chance of Glory

    I'd love to see Bluemoons 'lucky spurs' thread, if we draw, Lyon, Panathinaikos and Bursaspor :lol: